Propane Pricing and Payment Options

Control your propane costs your way with Tower Energy

No one likes high energy bills. With Tower Energy, you can be assured that you’ll get the best price for your propane because our pricing is competitive and transparent.

Our goal is for you to feel just as assured about the price you’re paying as you do about the polite and hardworking propane delivery you’re receiving.

We also understand that our customers have individual needs, so we offer multiple pricing and payment programs to our Central Connecticut customers.

SmartPay Monthly Budget Plan

If you’re tired of unpredictable heating fuel costs during winter that require big payments, then sign up for SmartPay to stabilize your propane expenses. Under this budget plan, you can spread your fuel costs over 12 even, manageable, and predictable monthly payments, which will ensure that your payments stop fluctuating throughout the year. Plus, your winter payments could be cut by half!

We will adjust your payment based on the actual amount of propane you receive. If you spend more or less on fuel than expected, you will only pay the price on the day of delivery, with no additional costs.

To add value in your budget, consider combining this plan with a Tower Energy service plan and taking advantage of SmartPay Plus. With this, you’ll receive:

And we’ll build payment for your service plan into your monthly SmartPay installment.

SmartPay plans usually start in June and August, but we can make adjustments if needed. There is no charge to participate. If you would like to enroll, please get in touch with us.

Pre-Buy Program

Tower Energy offers a Pre-Buy program that allows you to purchase all your season’s propane with a discount. This helps you avoid any price fluctuations by securing your fuel during the spring or summer when prices are lower. This is a great free program for those who like stability.

We can calculate the necessary amount of fuel based on your previous usage and provide it to you as required during the heating season.

Price Cap Program

Our Price Cap Program provides peace of mind by safeguarding against market volatility and rising prices. Upon enrollment, we establish a maximum cap for the per-gallon propane price you’ll pay.

If the price of propane drops below the capped price, you’ll pay that lower price.

There is a fee associated with the Price Cap Program. Contact us if you’re interested or wish to discuss further.

Online billing and payments

Tower Energy provides online billing and payment choices to customers who are looking to reduce paper wastage and postage expenses. These choices include:

Paperless billing — You can now receive statements, invoices and delivery tickets via email. This will allow you to have a complete billing record without the hassle of paper clutter.

Online bill pay — Instead of using a stamp and relying on the postal service, you can pay your bill on the Tower Energy website using any major credit card.

Looking for a propane company that puts you first? Become a Tower Energy customer today!