Enroll in a Tower Energy Service Plan

Protect your equipment and your wallet!

Enrolling in a Tower Energy service brings peace of mind because it helps to ensure your heating, cooling and comfort equipment runs efficiently and safely.

Each Tower Energy service agreement includes an annual tune-up and safety inspection, which decreases your fuel consumption and helps protect you from unexpected service calls throughout the heating season.

Not only that, the regular, professional maintenance included in the service plan can help to keep your equipment’s warranty in effect, as manufacturers often require annual tune-ups.

Heating system plans

We offer a plan for nearly every home, and both of our oil-fired heating service plans offer extensive protection for your home’s oil-fired heating system. In addition to a primary heating system service plan, you may add coverage for your domestic oil-fired water heating system.

Comfort Plan: As with any plan, the Comfort Plan includes an annual tune-up and safety inspection so your system is running at peak efficiency before the heating season. This plan also affords you a discount on any service call related to repairing your existing heating system. Of course, we cannot repair obsolete equipment, so we may recommend upgrading to a new system to help you save money. You may choose to renew your plan with or without the benefits of the Ultrasonic Tank Testing Program, also known as the TankSure® Program.


If parts become defective due to normal wear and tear, we have you covered!

Comfort Plus Plan: Our Comfort Plus Plan offers more extensive protection from unexpected repairs and service calls. In addition to annual tune-up and safety inspection, you receive preferred pricing for any repairs 24 hours a day. Our Comfort Plus Plan also includes the TankSure Program’s benefits for the protection of your oil tank. In addition, you receive 50%—yes, 50%—off all repairs to your existing heating system should you need one. If your system is dated and approaching obsolete, use your Loyalty Rewards Program dollars toward your installation, which you can only get with the Comfort Plus Plan.

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Separate Oil-fired Water Heater Plan: In addition to your base heating system protection plan, you may add coverage for your separate oil-fired water heater. The plan includes a 10% discount off any repairs to the system throughout the life of the plan. Your tune-up will be performed at the same time as your heating system tune-up and must be scheduled for the same day. This plan does not extend coverage for electric water tanks.

Cooling system plan

Make sure that your home’s air conditioning keeps running smoothly all summer long! With our service plan, you get:

Get security and peace of mind with a Tower Energy service plan for your heating, cooling and comfort equipment! Enroll today.