The Benefits of Propane

Put propane to work to make your home better!

Propane, which is made in America, is a versatile, efficient and clean-burning fuel that can be used by both residents and business owners for a variety of purposes.
Tower Energy has years of experience providing propane delivery services to homes, farms and businesses in Plainville, New Hartford, Winchester and other areas across Central Connecticut. Propane is used for powering various things such as homes, appliances, generators, vehicles and work sites.

Why are so many consumers choosing propane to power their lifestyles? These are some of the reasons.

Superior comfort

Propane can effectively provide heat and water heating for homes, businesses and outdoor work sites. One cubic foot of propane generates 2,520 Btu’s of heat. That’s more than double the heating power of natural gas.

Save money with propane

Today’s propane appliances are highly efficient. They lose very little heat energy during combustion, which means you use less fuel and save money. For example, high-efficiency propane heating systems have efficiencies of up to 98%. Tankless propane water heaters are 50% less expensive to run than their electric counterparts. Propane clothes dryers dry laundry 25% faster than electric dryers.


According to the 1992 National Energy Policy of the U.S. Department of Energy, propane was recognized as an alternative fuel. Propane is a highly efficient fuel with low emissions. Compared to other home fuels, it emits less carbon dioxide, almost at the same level as natural gas. However, unlike natural gas, which emits methane, propane is not a greenhouse gas as it does not contain methane. Additionally, propane does not include any particulate matter, which is a carcinogen.

Quality of life

Propane is a highly versatile fuel option. By having a separate storage tank dedicated to propane, you can use it to fuel your heating, hot water and more.

With reliable propane delivery and expert propane appliance service from Tower Energy, you can enjoy all that propane has to offer in your home! Become a customer today.