Ductless Mini-split and Heat Pump Installation and Service in Bristol, Simsbury and Torrington, CT

Stay comfortable with Tower Energy!

Do you struggle with managing window A/C units and space heaters that are not efficient? You can achieve long-lasting and effective heating and cooling without ductwork.

Tower Energy can install mini-split ductless air conditioning systems and heat pumps in your home, allowing you to create multiple comfort zones without the need for ducts or vents. Our services can ensure maximum summer comfort for your home with as few units as possible.

Not only that, during winter, mini-splits and heat pumps provide extra heating as a bonus.

These units are extremely popular right now because they are:

Customized mini-split installation

Get in touch with Tower Energy to assess your living space and find the optimal position to install compact ductless mini-split units. Afterward, we can install all the units, which will be connected to a single outdoor condenser. We will only need to run a small pipe through your exterior wall between the indoor and outdoor units.

Mini-split systems are a more efficient and quieter option compared to window air conditioners. They are also better at cooling specific zones of your home. Even if you already have central air conditioning, mini-splits can provide an excellent additional cooling solution for spaces such as:

How heat pumps work

Heat pumps have two parts. There’s the air handler, which sits inside your home, and the condenser, which is outside. A thin pipe connects the handler and the condenser through your wall. Heat pumps use heat exchanger coils to move warm air.

The heat pump works by trapping the heat inside your home during hot weather and then using refrigerant to cool it and circulate cold air back into your living space.

In winter, the heat pump operates in the opposite direction. It takes in warm air from outside through the condenser, compresses it and heats it up even further, and then transfers warm air indoors.

One condenser has the ability to function for up to four air handlers. That’s a lot of comfort for relatively little equipment!

Tower Energy offers comprehensive heat pump and mini-split service

It’s important to get an annual service for your mini-split or heat pump to maintain its maximum efficiency after installation in your home. Tower Energy provides excellent service for mini-split and heat pumps. Also, our affordable service plans include an annual tune-up along with coverage of parts and labor costs to help protect you from big repair bills.

Get comfort with ease when you install ductless mini-splits and heat pumps from Tower Energy! Contact us today to learn more.