Heating Oil Tank Protection in Plainville, Berlin and Bristol, CT

Taylor Energy helps protect your home and your money!

Are you aware that replacing your home’s heating oil tank can cost thousands of dollars?

And if the tank has a leak, you’ll have to spend thousands, if not tens of thousands, more on top of that for cleaning up the spilled oil and remediating any damage to your home or soil (if your tank is outdoors).

Tower Energy offers a way to protect you from those big bills while also protecting your home: Our TankSure® heating oil tank protection plan!

Our TankSure protection plan is an affordable way to safeguard your heating oil tank and provides a substantial warranty for tank replacement if necessary, all for just a few cents per day.

Here’s what you get with TankSure:

TankSure provides you with peace of mind by offering better protection for your home and tank against potential damage caused by a heating oil tank failure. This is because you’ll be more prepared to replace it before it fails.

TankSure is available for heating oil tanks of any age. However, if your tank is 25 years old or more, or if you’re unsure about its age, it’s recommended to get TankSure as soon as possible because if your tank starts leaking, you won’t be able to receive coverage.

Want to learn more about TankSure® oil tank protection? Contact Tower Energy and we’ll be happy to help!