Pricing and Payment Options

Tower Energy helps you manage your fuel costs

Tower Energy ensures that homes in Central Connecticut get reliable heating oil delivery so they can stay warm and comfortable during nor’easters or sudden cold snaps. Due to market volatility, however, customers are understandably concerned about the price of their fuel.

At Tower Energy, we provide transparency in pricing and strive to provide top-notch fuel at reasonable rates.

Tower Energy is proud to offer three types of fuel pricing plans to our Hartford, Litchfield and New Haven County customers to help manage the cost of heating your home. The plans are designed to help you control your heating oil costs in a way that best suits your needs and your budget. These programs are available on a limited-time basis, so don’t wait to protect your family and your budget from runaway energy prices.

Budget Plan

Our Budget Plan can help our customers avoid high bulk fuel bills during the coldest months of the year when most heating oil is used.

Enroll in our plan to divide your annual fuel costs into equal monthly payments, which will help you avoid high bills in the winter and low bills in the summer. The 12-month plan is available based on the time of enrollment but does not include Price Cap protection.

By enrolling in Budget Plan, you can cut your winter expenses in half each month. Additionally, if your total yearly expenses turn out to be different than what was predicted, we will make the necessary adjustments. You will not be charged anything more than the market price of the oil you received.

Price Cap

Couple this with Tower Energy’s Basic Service Agreement and have your heating system tuned to its highest efficiency, saving you money on your heating bills and increasing the life expectancy of your furnace or boiler.


Lock in a low fixed rate with our PreBuy program. We let you purchase your annual supply of heating oil at an attractive locked-in rate while also benefiting from the convenience of automatic delivery.

Want maximum price confidence? Our PreBuy Program plan is available with Cap Downside Protection, so you can benefit from price drops. What does that mean? You pre-purchase at an agreed-up cap rate, but with downside protection. If the market price of oil drops, we’ll credit you for the lower price!

Do you have questions about our pricing and payment options for heating oil? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help and enroll you in the plan that is right for you.