Water Heater Installation and Service in Plainville, Wolcott and Harwinton, CT

Tower Energy helps you stay in hot water!

Many people only recognize the value of hot water once it’s no longer available, highlighting their dependence on it.

According to the U.S Department of Energy, up to 20% of your home’s energy consumption goes into heating water. This is critical as everyday activities like taking a bath, washing hands, doing laundry and cleaning require a constant and reliable supply of warm water.

Tower Energy offers expert water heater installation and maintenance services to homeowners in Central Connecticut. We can assist you in selecting the best unit for your household’s requirements and provide the necessary fuel to power it.

When to replace your water heater

Reach out to Tower Energy if you are experiencing any of these issues. It is recommended to avoid waiting for your water heater to break down to avoid damage to your home and cleanup costs. Our team can assess your unit and provide guidance on whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Choosing the right water heater

Tower Energy’s trained technicians can determine the appropriate size of your new water heater based on the number of occupants in your home and estimated peak hot water usage, when you upgrade your water heater with us.

We can provide various models of heating systems using either heating oil or propane, with options for traditional storage tanks or tankless systems, starting from that point.

Tower Energy can install your new water heater promptly, enabling you to appreciate the benefits of a more energy-efficient unit, such as extended hot showers.

Enjoy endless hot water with a tankless propane water heater

If you’re thinking about replacing your water heater, consider getting a tankless option. Although more expensive to install, tankless propane water heaters are highly efficient and will eventually pay for themselves.

Tankless water heaters work by activating a flame whenever you turn on a hot water tap, instead of having to heat a large tank of water beforehand. This means that you will have access to hot water on demand without any limits, so you can do laundry and take a shower without having to choose one or the other.

Not only that, tankless water heaters are more efficient than traditional models as they don’t keep reheating stored water, resulting in 22% energy savings and lower bills.

Get expert water heater service from Tower Energy

Regular, professional maintenance is crucial for keeping your water heater functioning efficiently and prolonging its lifespan. Even though you may not consider servicing your water heater as important as your boiler or furnace, it is still essential.

Tower Energy offers water heater maintenance and repair services to our customers, and with our cost-effective service plans, you can benefit from an annual tune-up and repair discounts.

With expert water heater installation and service from Tower Energy, you can enjoy comfort and energy savings in your Central Connecticut home! Contact us today to get started.