Propane Fireplace Gas Log Installation and service in Plainville, Roxbury and Wolcott, CT

Get cozy comfort from Tower Energy!

Our expert propane fireplace gas log installation, along with our reliable propane delivery, allow you to enjoy a fire in your fireplace any time you want one, no wood required!

What kind of propane fireplace gas logs should I get?

This is where the knowledge and experience of Tower Energy’s service technicians come in handy. We’ll go over your wants and budget to make sure you choose the right propane fireplace gas logs for your home. Here are the two types of propane fireplaces:

Vented log sets: These are ideal for homeowners with fully functioning wood-burning fireplaces. Vented log sets are easy to install, produce a flame similar to a wood-burning fireplace, and create the perfect homey atmosphere you’re looking to achieve.

Vent-free log sets: These can be installed in fireplaces designed for either wood burning or gas use. While vented log sets look better, vent-free log sets have advantages such as higher heat production and slightly lower fuel consumption.

Aesthetics are another benefit, as you can choose the gas logs that best suit your home’s style, whether you like a coastal look with driftwood, a traditional style with oak or something more rustic with birch.

We will also make sure the logs are of the right size to safely and efficiently operate in your fireplace.

We also install propane gas stoves

We’re not talking about the cooking ranges all the chefs use. Like having a wood stove to heat your home or select rooms of your home, a propane-fueled stove will keep you warm and cozy through the long winter months. This appliance gives off heat in a way your family and guests will love. A gas stove offers a comparable warmth and feel to a wood stove—without the mess!

We are proud to supply and install White Mountain Hearth Heritage Gas Stoves. This product is vent-free, allowing for quick and easy installation.

Enjoy the ease and convenience of a propane fireplace from Tower Energy! Get in touch with us to learn more.