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To operate normally, furnaces require some electricity. In case of an electrical surge or a short circuit, these units can stop working, therefore, leaving your entire household helpless against the cold. If the system failure was due to a power surge, simply resetting the furnace can turn the system back on. But if the furnace trips circuit breaker repeatedly, then resetting the circuit breaker won’t be enough to restore things back to order. The best thing is to find out what is causing this and find a permanent solution to the problem with the help of an expert. In this article, we will be providing more information about this issue.

Why Does My Furnace Need Electricity In The First Place?

Even though a furnace mainly uses fuel to produce heat, some of its components need electricity to function. Without electricity, the system won’t perform as it should. For optimal results, your system must receive an uninterrupted flow of electricity.

Blower Motor

All furnaces are equipped with a blower motor. This motor uses electricity and sends the warm air from the furnace throughout the house. The motor will stop working if power is cut. This means that warm air will remain in the furnace and will not be able to circulate around the house.

Electronic Ignition

In older furnace models, pilot lights were used for ignition. But this system is no longer used in newer units. Newer units use an electronic ignition system. Pilot lights were less reliable and that is why they were replaced by the more dependent ones that rely on electricity from the grid. The only downside about electronic ignitions is they won’t be able to ignite the furnace when there is no power.

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6 Possible Reasons Your Furnace Keeps Tripping Your Circuit Breaker

It is not normal for your circuit breaker to keep on tripping. If a simple reset doesn’t prevent this from occurring again, then you need to call in an expert. They will identify the reason behind this and determine the best solution for it. Here are some of the reasons why your furnace’s breaker keeps on tripping:

1. Clogged Furnace Filter

A clogged filter might lead your furnace to overwork itself. Dirt in the filter obstructs the free flow of air. As a result, the system will consume more power to compensate this to improve its heating performance. The excess consumption of power can lead to a circuit overload, therefore, tripping the breakers. Make sure you check your unit’s filters and replace them if need be. We recommend that you do this monthly and clean or replace the filters if they are dirty.

2. Blocked HVAC Air Vents Or Registers

Blocked registers or air vents can cause the same problem, especially if they are blocked at different points along the system. In such a scenario, what the furnace will do is overwork itself so that it can maintain warmth in your home, and in the process, consume excess power. Run checks on the system making sure that things such as furniture or curtains are not blocking the vents. If they are, remove them to regain normal airflow.

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3. There Are Issues With Your Furnace Motor

Another reason why your breaker is tripping is a faulty furnace motor. The system’s wiring usually wears down after years of use. As a result, shorts and other issues might occur, therefore, tripping the circuit breaker. This problem can be avoided by simply scheduling for regular HVAC maintenance. However, if the damage has already occurred, call a furnace technician as soon as possible for motor replacement.

4. Your HVAC Ductwork Is Leaking

If your ductwork system has holes that allow for air leaks, this will result in inefficiencies. The furnace will have to work harder to replace the heated air that is being lost. The additional load on the power supply can lead to tripping of the breaker.

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5. Your Electric Panel Needs A Repair

Your furnace is not always guilty for the circuit breaker tripping. Sometimes you just have to look somewhere else. The issue might be a result of a fault in the electrical panel. Such a panel needs immediate repair from a certified and experienced professional.

6. You Have An Overloaded, Shared Circuit

Furnaces draw a lot of power for them to work. For this reason, they should be isolated on their own circuits. Sharing the same circuit between the furnace and other appliances can lead to overloading. Power tools, lights, and other appliances such as the refrigerator should be connected to the grid through their own circuits.

What Should You Do If Your Furnace Trips The Circuit Breaker?

1. Check The Furnace Air Filter

Regularly check your furnace’s air filters. These components gather dust and dirt over time. If the build-up clogs the system, it will affect airflow.

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2. Ensure That Your HVAC Air Vents Are not Blocked And They Have Proper Air Flow

Curtains, furniture, and other items should be removed from vents to avoid blocking them. Make sure you keep vents open throughout the house, even in rooms that unoccupied.

3. Call An HVAC Contractor For A Professional Ductwork Inspection

It is very difficult to care for ductwork. Contact an HVAC contractor to run checks and clean it if necessary.

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4. Call An HVAC Professional For Furnace Repair

If you are someone who enjoys home improvement projects, then it is wise to leave your furnace repair projects to the professionals. Novices tend to do more harm than good. Many who attempt DIY furnace repairs end up paying more in the long run. Always leave furnace electrical problems for a licensed HVAC contractor.


Do not ignore circuit breaker trips as they can be a sign of very serious underlying issues.

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