broken heating systemYour heating system is your best friend during winter. Regardless of how low the temperature will get outside, this piece of equipment will keep you and your loved ones warm inside. But with continued use and as time passes, the system might develop problems. Sometimes, you will have to choose between either a heating system repair vs. replacement.
It is tough to make a decision when it comes to choosing whether to repair or replace your heating system. Most people will opt to have the unit repaired as this is more affordable than actually buying a new one. However, there are cases where buying a new unit is the more logical choice.

When To Opt For A Heating System Repair Vs. Replacement

In this article, we will discuss some of the signs that your heating system requires replacement. These signs will help you cut back on repair costs as you enjoy an energy-efficient, comfortable home.

Age Of Your Heating System

Heating systems are generally designed to be reliable. Depending on the manufacturer, frequency of usage, and design, most heating systems can serve you for between 15 to 30 years. This is quite a lengthy service life, but some people would still want to maximize those number of years. Even though it is not a bad idea, it is not always possible. Some units start developing issues as early as the 12th year of service. It is not a bad idea to have your unit retired because by this time you have enjoyed nearly all that it can offer. You will avoid a lot of stress from downtimes and HVAC repairs by merely replacing your heating system. On top of that, newer models are more appealing and technologically advanced.

A Decrease Of Your Heater’s Energy Efficiency

All machines gradually reduce in efficiency over time. But with regular furnace tune-ups, you will be able to slow this down. However, you cannot entirely eliminate this reduction of efficiency.

You will notice that your heating system is consuming more fuel to produce the same amount of heat than it did before. It will reach a point where the fuel consumption is so drastic, as the decline in efficiency progresses, that continuing to use the system becomes unreasonable.

At this point, it makes more sense to replace the old heating unit than holding on to it. This will positively affect you, your household alone, and the environment. The high energy consumption of your old heating unit leads to an increase in the release of greenhouse gases, something that destroys the environment. Apart from that, there will be a drastic increase in the cost of heating your home.

Increased Home Heating Costs

high home heating costsYou will notice an increase in energy costs as a direct result of the rise in fuel consumption. Do have in mind that factors such as shortages and high demand can cause a spike in the cost of fuel. If you continue using an aging or underperforming heating system, you will have to buy more fuel than you did in the past. The extra cash that you will use to fuel your unit can add up to a substantial amount. Even though heating system repairs will help ensure that the system continues to serve you, they will not improve efficiency. What you should do is get rid of your aging unit and replace it with a new one to enjoy its low energy consumption and operating cost.

Frequent Heating System Repairs

In theory, you can continue repairing your old heating system as long as skilled technicians and parts are available. This means that you can still use the heating unit until it achieves the 30-year life span. However, this is impractical, and very few homeowners wait for that to happen. This is because repairs will consume both your precious time and money. Annual visits by an HVAC technician are tolerable. However, when this happens more often, for instance, such as a few times a year, then the system is just not worth it. When you add up the heating system repair costs, you may find out that a new furnace installation is cheaper.

Discomfort And Heat Imbalance Throughout The Home

image of a home with a broken furnaceAn aging furnace’s effectiveness regresses with time. When the system was new, it was able to effectively warm all the rooms in your home and provide comfort for the family. However, as time went by, you may have started to notice that rooms located farther from your unit began to feel a bit colder and uncomfortable to spend time in.
This is a clear indication that you need to replace your heating system. The system can no longer serve you the way it used to. Therefore, it is time to replace it with a new one that can. Do not waste time; install a new heating system as soon as possible.

Dusty Home & Poor Indoor Air Quality

Outdoor air quality is poor because of cars, factories, and other well-known pollutants. But the quality of the air inside your home can also be compromised due to dirt, debris, and dust. These pollutants can accumulate, circulate, and cause discomfort to your family members.

You can avoid this by regularly cleaning the ducts and replacing the air filters in your heating system. Also, installing UV lights at strategic points in your home and using an air purifier will help avoid the problem. However, if you have already done this and the air quality is still poor, then consider installing a new heating system in your home. The condition of your furnace directly impacts the quality of air inside your home.

Call Tower Energy For All Of Your Heating Needs

Even though repairs can add a few more useful years to your system, there will come a time when you have to replace it. Your long-term financial stability and your health depend on it. It is not wrong to repair your system as it might solve your immediate problem. However, know that you will have to replace your whole heating system after it has served you for several years.

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