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We purchase home appliances thinking they won’t break. However, this isn’t how it is, and problems can happen at any time. They might even arise when you least expect them. For instance, you might find that your furnace is leaking water when you come home one day. The bad news is that this scenario has a high chance of happening. There are several causes to a furnace leaking water, with some major reasons and some minor. Whatever it is, you need to resolve it right away.

Why Is My Furnace Leaking on the Floor?

There are several reasons that cause a leaking furnace. The kind of furnace you have is a huge factor in this, especially if you have a high-efficiency system instead of a conventional one. Read on to learn about the usual culprits behind furnace leaks.

Condensation Or Clog In The Furnace

A highly-efficient furnace has a cool exhaust that may generate condensation. It is a natural byproduct of fuel combustion. It is drained via a PVC pipe that empties into the furnace room’s floor drain.

However, it can frequently get clogged. This results in the water backing up and leaking out of the furnace, which can be a major issue.

Conventional furnaces shouldn’t naturally leak water. If you have a furnace that’s over 15 years old, the leak might be because of an incorrectly-sized pipe that’s causing the water to back up the furnace.

Whatever the case is, the problem needs to be repaired right away. It is highly recommended that you contact a qualified HVAC repair team because it is a complex issue.

Broken Furnace Condensation Line or Condensate Pump

As previously mentioned, condensation is a natural byproduct of high-efficiency furnaces. The moisture is typically drained via the condensate line. However, if it gets damaged or broken, a leak could happen.

Furnaces nowadays are equipped with condensation pumps. It works exactly as it’s called, pumping out the moisture from the furnace. This way, your furnace remains dry. If it develops a problem, leaks and other issues might occur.

Problems with the Humidifier of the Furnace

The furnace’s humidifier is the issue in many cases. Homeowners add this component to help make their homes more comfortable during the cold season when the air is very dry.
It needs water to work. However, the humidifier might develop issues as time passes, causing it to leak water. For instance, the device might develop cracks. Often, the water leaks back into the furnace and creates an even more complicated situation.

You might think you can handle this problem with a DIY repair. However, humidifiers are sensitive equipment that needs a skilled and qualified professional who can conduct thorough inspection and repairs when needed. Although it is typically checked as part of your system’s yearly maintenance, ask your technician to inspect this component first when making a problem diagnosis.

The Air Conditioner Might Be the Culprit

You might not suspect it, but the problem could be caused by the air conditioner. If the climate in your area makes you use the furnace and the air conditioner over the same period, it could be the AC that’s causing the leak.

Air conditioners absorb the water in the air and condense it. The water is drained outside through a pan. However, a leak or a clog can make it seem as if the furnace is causing the issue when it is, in fact, the air conditioner.

Again, it is a good idea to ask your HVAC technician to inspect both your furnace and air conditioner to find the cause of the leak. Your equipment will have a longer lifespan when you let a professional repair it. It will also free you from any stress.

Should I Replace My Furnace Filter?

image of a furnace filter replacement

Yes, you should replace your furnace filter. It is recommended that you check your furnace filter once a month and replace it as needed. However, this won’t fix the leak as it isn’t the root of the problem. Change the filters once repairs are done and before turning your furnace back on. This will ensure that your furnace has a smooth operation for a longer time.

What Do I Do When I Notice a Furnace Leak?

image of a furnace repair

Call your local, trusted HVAC professional to fix the leak as soon as possible. Leaks can create massive problems, such as damaging furnace components and your home’s floors and walls. It can also cause mold to grow, which is a problem you wouldn’t want in your home.

However, there are several preparations you need to do before a professional HVAC technician visits your home.

First, switch off the entire system by using the switch next to the furnace. You can use the breaker to disconnect the furnace if there isn’t a switch. Mop up the water that might have pooled around the base of the furnace. Check if you have a clogged or dirty air filter as well. Replace it when necessary. Finally, wait for the professional HVAC tech to arrive!


A furnace leak isn’t the end of the world. The first step towards a stress-free solution is to hire a professional HVAC tech to inspect the issue. Look for a company specializing in HVAC systems with a good reputation in your area. This way, you can be sure that the problem will be repaired in no time.

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gas furnace that is leaking water

Furnaces are built to last long. However, just like any other machine, they are not indestructible. Heating units also grow old, are susceptible to breakdowns, and will eventually need replacements. There will come a time that something will go wrong with your furnace, such as leaking. A gas furnace leaking water will only disrupt your home comfort. It will also cause inconvenience and even turn into something potentially dangerous.

In this article, we will discuss the different causes your furnace is leaking water.

Reasons For A Furnace Leaking Water

Listed below are a few of the reasons our furnace is leaking and the corresponding actions to do about it.

Condensation Leak

Many modern furnaces are highly-efficient and have high annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings. The heating process of your furnace means that condensation forms. The moisture accumulation will pass through the pipes or the floor drain. If you have blocked or damaged pipes, the water will leak out of the furnace. One of the usual signs that this is the cause of leakage is water pooling at the furnace base.

Humidifier Leak

A home humidifier connected to your HVAC unit can be another source of leaking. The humidifier’s job is to produce moisture to keep the air from being too dry. If there is an issue with your humidifier, water can leak into your furnace.

Plumbing Leak

The plumbing system in your home might be the cause of the leak that is trickling down to your furnace. Therefore, it is a good idea to inspect your plumbing when you suspect that your furnace is leaking. There might be broken or clogged pipes that trap water and debris. This will cause the drain system to back up, and there will be a leak at the bottom of your furnace. If the leak is due to your plumbing pipes, call a professional to resolve the issue right away.

Clogged Furnace Filter

image of a dirty furnace filter

The furnace filter’s job is to trap dust, dirt, and other particulates to keep them from being distributed throughout your house. The filter gets clogged over time. When this happens, its effectiveness declines, and the air is not able to flow correctly. Without proper airflow, the coils will freeze and cause water leakage. The latter is evident when water pools around your furnace. Make sure to check the furnace filter regularly. Clean or replace it when necessary so that this issue does not happen.

A/C Leak

image of an air conditioner compressor

If there is leaking while you are using your air conditioning system and your furnace simultaneously, the culprit might be your AC unit. Water from your AC is drained into the condensation pan. When the pan is full, the excess water overflows into the furnace. If this is the case, you might mistake your furnace as the cause of the leak when it is actually because of your AC. Contact your local trusted HVAC technician to help you deal with any issues you have with your system.

Heat Exchanger Leak

If all probable leak causes have been explored, but you still haven’t found the leak, the problem might be the heat exchanger. Unfortunately, leaking issues with the heat exchanger can be severe and expensive. The heat exchanger needs to be repaired, or you might need to purchase and install a new furnace. Call a certified HVAC professional to determine all possible solutions to your HVAC problem.

Steps To Take When Your Furnace Is Leaking

When you notice that your furnace is experiencing any leaking, contact a professional, and book an inspection appointment immediately. Before the HVAC tech arrives, here are some of the things you can do:

Hire Professional Furnace Repair Services

image of an hvac contractor repairing furnace

It is always recommended that your furnace receive professional attention when it is experiencing problems. It should not be a do-it-yourself project unless you have the necessary training, certifications, and skills to do so or if the fix is as simple as changing the filter. You might cause more harm than good if you do not know what to do. You might even end up shelling out hundreds or thousands of dollars in HVAC repairs and replacements.

A furnace is a piece of specialized equipment and has many complex components. It is best to have a professional furnace repair technician to check your HVAC equipment. Do not call a handyman. HVAC technicians have the skills, knowledge, and experience to make a proper diagnosis and conduct the necessary steps to resolve all issues.


Our furnaces keep our homes safe and warm during the winter season. It is certainly inconvenient and unsafe to have your furnace break down when you need it the most. If your furnace has a leaking problem, make sure to have a professional check it, so that correct repairs are done as soon as possible.

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