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There’s a saying that claims rust never sleeps. This holds true where it concerns machinery, including your heating system. Rust is especially common in areas with humid climates. However, regardless of the climate you live in, using your furnace leads to the creation of temperature imbalances. These imbalances create moisture that will cut down even the most well-built and reliable heating systems as time passes. This circumstance will eventually cause the homeowner to deal with rust in furnace.

Extending the system’s life might be possible if you never use it. However, this isn’t possible if you live in an area that has a cold climate. You can only delay the day it comes as it will arrive eventually no matter what you do. Consequently, finding rust in your furnace is more common than you might think.

This article includes a discussion on several causes of rust in your furnace.

What Causes Rust In A Furnace?

According to professionals, these are the three likely reasons behind the rust in your heating system:

Water Leaks Or High Humidity

The first reason is humidity or the water vapor percentage in the air. Some places receive higher humidity as part of their environmental factor. These conditions can be intensified when extra water is added into the air of a limited microclimate like your home. During these cases, water leaks are the primary suspects.

Air Conditioner Leaks

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A particular kind of water leak that causes furnace corrosion are air conditioner water leaks. Unfortunately, these types of water leaks often have a direct link with your heating system. Air conditioning units produce water as a by-product. Since modern ACs are typically centralized, they are integrated directly into the ducts of your furnace. Therefore, leaks from your air conditioners can go right into your furnace. This spikes up the humidity in your home and creates standing water pools in highly inconvenient places.

Furnace Exhaust Issues

The third is a by-product of your HVAC system’s operation as well. The heat creation process of your furnace also leads to higher humidity in its surrounding structure. The furnace generates very hot air, which cools as it escapes the burner. As a result, the air condenses into water inside your system.

Risks That Come With Rusty Furnaces

All furnaces will rust after some time. It might take a century, but rust will take over eventually. The good news is you can do several things to make sure that the day rust wins happens far into the future instead of cropping up in the next couple of years. The most crucial thing you must do is oversee your furnace.

How To Avoid Furnace Rust

Listed below are a few ways to keep rust from building up in your furnace.

Annual Furnace Maintenance

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A critical part of avoiding furnace rust is having maintenance inspections at least once a year. This is an affordable service, and getting it done is more cost-effective than having your entire heating system replaced. Annual inspections include an HVAC contractor checking the unit for rust. This way, your furnace operation, and safety are ensured.

Clogged Furnace Burner Jets

After some time, rust will lower the performance of your system. Clogged burner jets work less efficiently and need more fuel to generate the same amount of heat. Even worse, a furnace that’s burning inefficiently causes exceptionally high levels of toxic carbon monoxide gas.

Furnace Fuel Supply Lines

Rust can result in fuel supply lines failing, leading to dangerous fire or explosion hazards in your home. You might have seen video footage wherein someone’s home or business is reduced to a smoldering pile of wreckage. This is the real danger of having a rusting furnace. It creates a hazard to your family than just unsightly orange streaks on the cabinet’s exterior. Keep in mind that the insides are likely completely damaged by the time you see these streaks on the outside of your system.

Repair Furnace Issues Promptly

Aside from keeping up with the inspections, you should also repair all furnace problems expeditiously. Annual checkups can reveal the causes of rust in your furnace. This way, these conditions can be removed or ameliorated as much as possible immediately. When this is done, any damaged components of your systems need to be fixed as well.

Bear in mind that not every system can be salvaged. Some can, but the price to bring them back to optimum working conditions might not be worth it. Older systems at peak efficiency are still far less efficient than new systems operating at less than their highest efficiency level. Homeowners won’t know these factors unless you talk to a professional HVAC contractor who does.

Take Advantage of Expert Professional HVAC Advice

Everybody has various circumstances. This is something that HVAC contractors understand, so they lay out cost-benefit ratios in a way that’s easy to understand. They also let homeowners select the one that best suits their preferences. It is crucial to remember that homeowners will have more options to choose from when rust is at bay. However, when rust has taken hold of your furnace, you will have limited options to the point that replacement becomes critical because of safety issues.

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