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Swift action for clean energy is needed to reduce carbon emissions as a means to preserve the environment. With this, electrification has become a popular term in the media. However, electrification isn’t all that it’s made out to be. Converting to electricity comes with astronomical costs that only people with deep pockets can afford. However, propane provides quite a lot where it concerns clean energy. Read on to learn more about propane vs electricity in further detail.

Is Propane Really “Green”?

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Yes, propane is green! Propane ranks among the highest of all the fuels due to its clean burn. Propane also offers more unique environmental benefits than electricity. Several benefits are clear when you conduct a comparison between a home that consumes propane for heating to an all-electric one. A home that uses a propane heating system will emit 30% fewer carbon emissions. A home that uses propane for space heating, as well as cooking, water heating, and drying clothes, generates 50% fewer carbon emissions than an all-electric house.

Moreover, the propane industry is working to produce renewable propane. This is a liquid renewable fuel made from water residues and sustainably sourced materials, such as meat fats, cooking oil, and agricultural waste. It is typically a co-product of biodiesel production.

As a result, renewable, eco-friendly options (biomass) are available. They are equally clean but more affordable for people who can’t manage the high cost of electricity conversion.

Propane Appliances

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Propane-powered appliances are notably more efficient than electric appliances. This means that propane appliances produce a smaller carbon footprint. For instance, a propane water heater generates the same amount of hot water in half the time it takes an electric water heater to. Propane clothes dryers operate 1/4 faster than electric dryers, and propane space heaters are more efficient than electric ones. All this extra efficiency adds up, making it better for the environment and your wallet as well.

Propane Is Non-Toxic

Using propane fuel also gives you more peace of mind because it is non-toxic. A leak rarely happens, and propane will not endanger the environment if it does. It is not harmful to water, soil, air, plants, and water-based organisms.

Additional Propane Facts

Listed below are some facts about propane and why it’s considered green:

Drawbacks To Electricity & The Electrification Movement

Electricity is frequently hailed as a green alternative. However, it has its drawbacks. Most of the United States’ electricity is produced by coal-burning power plants. As a result, electricity has become America’s second-largest source of greenhouse gasses. Transportation is the only one that produces more.

In addition, calculating the energy needed to extract, process, and transport makes propane 87% efficient and electricity only 32% efficient.

What Happens When We Electrify Everything?

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These problems should be considered with all-out electrification:

9 Reasons to Opt for Propane in Your Home

As earlier mentioned, electricity gets talked about a lot. However, several reasons indicate that it is better to choose propane over electricity in your home. Here are nine advantages you get when you opt for propane instead of electricity in your home.

1. Propane Is Cost-Efficient

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Propane-fired appliances are incredibly efficient. Therefore, they cost less to operate. The US Department of Energy states that you can have an annual savings of $174 when using a propane water heater rather than an electric one. Propane water heaters can also cost 30% to 50% less to run than electric models.

2. Propane Is Versatile

Aside from space heaters, propane can power a wide range of appliances, including water heaters, ovens, and clothes dryers. You can also use it for backyard appliances, like pool heaters, patio heaters, and grills. This also lets you add warmth and atmosphere to your outdoor space with propane-powered lighting or a fire pit.

3. Propane Is Dependable

In extreme weather (or other situations), propane access isn’t affected when there is an electric grid failure.

4. Propane Is Easy To Store

Propane does not degrade as time passes. Moreover, propane tanks do not require much maintenance while offering longevity. You can even keep it in storage for as long as 40 years.

5. Propane Is Wherever You Need It

It can be expensive to access the electric grid, depending on where you live. However, professionals at Tower Energy provide dependable propane delivery in Hartford County, CT. Rest assured, we can deliver the propane your home needs regardless of the market conditions or weather.

6. Propane Gets The Job Done Quickly

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Propane water heaters heat your water faster than electric ones. They can also generate twice the hot water volume compared to electric water heaters produce in the same amount of time. Your laundry can dry 25% quicker and cause less static with propane clothes dryers when compared to electric dryers. Propane-powered space heaters have a significantly higher efficiency than electric heaters as well.

7. Propane Is Greener Than You Think

Propane water heaters generate around half the carbon emissions of electric water heaters with storage tanks. Coal-burning power plants generate most of our electricity supply, making it the second-largest source of greenhouse gas in the US (second only to transportation).

8. Propane Offers Longevity

A propane gas furnace has an average lifespan of 20 years. On the other hand, electric heat pumps only last 14 years.

9. Propane Is Efficient

Burning one gallon of propane produces the same amount of energy as 27-kilowatt hours of electricity.


Many reasons are available as to why you should choose propane for your home. Let Tower Energy help you take care of your home’s propane needs.

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