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The hot season pushes your air conditioner to its limit. If you have an older unit, it might not operate as it should during this time. An air conditioner replacement becomes apparent when your system breaks down more often than it did before. You might start to wonder what kind of cooling unit will work best to suit your current needs. Many think that getting the same model is a good idea. However, this only means you are also repeating the same cooling mistakes. Some might think buying the biggest one they can find will cool their homes faster. This is false and it is always recommended to consider the specific household needs and factors to find the best air conditioner for you. For any air conditioner to meet your needs, however, you will need to take air conditioner sizing into consideration.

The Manual J Load Calculation & Its Importance

The Manual J load calculation factors in the different influences that affect your home’s cooling needs. A licensed HVAC contractor performs this complex calculation. Some might utilize advanced software to get a faster and more precise result. Your house’s characteristics are quantified in the process, including:

The calculation will give your home’s cooling load, so you don’t have to take a guess when buying your next air conditioner. You will know the exact size you need.

Cooling Comfort

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One of the responsibilities of an air conditioner is to keep your home comfortable. Cooling is just a part of this as your system also dehumidifies your home. This is done via condensation. What happens is that the vapor turns into water when humid air touches the coils. The water is then disposed of through a drainage pipe. However, if you have a unit that’s too large, the rooms are cooled down quicker than usual. The cycle ends before your air conditioner can adequately dehumidify your home. Therefore, high humidity will still prevail indoors, making you and your family feel sticky and uncomfortable. Homeowners will then lower the thermostat temperature to remedy this. However, this will only increase energy consumption. A unit that is too large can also lead to poor indoor air quality. This is because the system forces less air through the filters, so the cleaning is disrupted.

On the other hand, having a unit that is too small will have a hard time meeting your home’s cooling needs. It will take longer to reach the set temperature. It might not even be able to cool your home correctly on scorching hot days. The air conditioner that is too small will overwork but still fail to reach the target temperature. This will cause the parts to wear out faster, requiring frequent repairs. You might even have to deal with an early replacement.

Air Conditioner Efficiency

energy efficient homeA highly efficient air conditioning unit means it has a high SEER rating. This allows it to convert electricity into cooling power effectively. However, some homeowners think this is the only factor needed. However, as mentioned above, sizing is also an important factor.

If you have a mismatched unit, meaning the unit size does not match your home, then unit’s SEER rating will not be maximized. The unit will run at subpar levels with short or extended cycles. This will consume a lot of energy and increase component wear and tear. As a result, you will have an inefficient air conditioner. Therefore, avoid buying a new cooling unit with a high SEER rating if it is not the correct size for your home.

Cost Of Air Conditioner

An incorrectly sized air conditioning unit costs you more from the start. When an air conditioner has a higher energy output, the more expensive it is. Therefore, it is essential to factor in your cooling needs before buying the unit. It might end up short cycling, wasting a lot of energy, and wearing out the parts faster. This will significantly reduce the system’s efficiency, so you’ll have high utility bills every month. Worn-out parts will also lead to frequent repairs and premature breakdowns.

Don’t spend more than you need to by having a correctly-sized air conditioner from the start. Instead, get a Manual J calculation from a licensed professional. It is a worthy investment that will save you money.

The Problem With Air Conditioning Units That Are Too Large

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To reiterate, units that are too large cause your house to cool faster. The unit short cycles, so it cannot lower the indoor humidity, and the air is not filtered sufficiently. It also performs at a sub-optimal level, so energy consumption increases. Your home will end up feeling cold but humid. Indoor air quality plummets. It also means you spent more than you need to for the unit as bigger units are costlier than smaller ones.

The Problem With AC Units That Are Too Small

A unit that is too small causes just as many problems. This is because the air conditioner does not have the cooling power to support your home’s needs. It is hard for it to cool it down properly and, therefore, unable to bring you relief from the summer heat outside. The unit will also run continuously but will still fail to reach the desired temperature. This overstrains the air conditioner, stressing its components in the process. The equipment will then experience premature breakdowns, and you’ll face an early replacement.


Selecting an air conditioner does not mean you have to go to extremes. Having the smallest or biggest unit does not guarantee that it is the best one for your home. Keep in mind that every home has varying needs. Therefore, the suitable unit should meet all the requirements your home has.

Air conditioner size is essential because it affects your home’s comfort, efficiency, and cost. Do not rely on general rules of thumb. It is always recommended that you consult a licensed HVAC contractor to help you. They have the necessary tools and knowledge to calculate the AC size needed for your home.

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