air conditionerIf you have an older AC unit, you probably lean more toward keeping it than replacing it for a brand-new AC unit.

However, it is important to realize that air conditioner replacements usually save you money once you add it all up. With an air conditioner installation, you will have fewer repairs, increased efficiency, and also the shift to affordable coolants.

On the other hand, investing in a brand-new AC system can be too much to think about. After all, how can you make the best choice among so many makes and models? What is the best size for your needs? How can you find an efficient model?

In other words, how can you find an AC unit that checks all your boxes?

Considerations Before An Air Conditioner Installation Plainville CT

Once your unit is more than 15-20 years old, you might want to consider changing it for a new one. Make sure to review your replacement options with proper attention. We will present you now with aspects to consider before your next air conditioner purchase.

1. What Is The Best AC Unit Brand?

Usually, folks prefer to keep similar unit types to their current one because they already know it works. They are used to it already. While that is true, you should consider your alternatives. Perhaps you may have enough room in your budget to move from an inefficient window unit to a central cooling system or even upgrade to a ductless air conditioner. You should learn the pros and cons of each of these choices. Sometimes the solution you want for your home is waiting for you. You should call us at Tower Energy for assistance with finding cooling solutions for your needs at home.

2. AC Size & Load Calculation

consultationYour AC unit should be sized according to the space it needs to cool. You need to know that a bigger size does not equal improved cooling. If your unit is too big, it reaches your chosen temperature too fast and turns itself off before lowering the humidity levels in your home. On the other hand, if your unit is too small, it might never cool your home correctly. By calling an HVAC technician, you can avoid guesses and get a proper load calculation. A load calculation will determine the perfect air conditioner unit size that will meet your needs.

3. SEER Ratings & Air Conditioner Unit Efficiency

Air conditioners consume more energy than any other appliance in your home. Simply put, using them costs a lot of your hard-earned money. Choosing an energy-efficient unit means you get the most cooling you need from the least amount of electricity. The indicators you should pay attention to are the SEER ratings and the Energy Star label. The more efficient models have higher initial costs. However, they cost less by giving you lower electricity bills each month. After a few years, you will recover all of your additional cost.

4. Air Conditioner Unit Prices

Air conditioners cost thousands of dollars. How can you save money and reduce the strain in your wallet?

One measure is to buy them during the winter because that is when they are usually on sale. Demand is lower for obvious reasons, and more options are stocked – especially the less-expensive systems that are harder to find during summer. You will have more time to choose what you need and negotiate a better deal too.

You can also avoid overspending by buying exactly what you need, instead of going bigger.

Good HVAC contractors are always informed about tax rebates and credits in your area, so it is always worth contacting them. These rebates help reduce the initial cost of a new AC unit.

5. Air Conditioner Installation Basics

cooling system replacement in a residential homeAir conditioners are complex systems with multiple components. Everything has to be assembled flawlessly to ensure performance and efficiency. It is much more than taking the unit home and pushing the “On” button.

For best results, hire a professional HVAC technician to install your cooling unit. Some HVAC companies are authorized dealers for reputable air conditioning brands and can sell and install your unit. This way, you can have a smooth experience without hiccups. Ask family and friends for advice on local contractors they may already know. If you are in Hartford County, make sure to call the Tower Energy experts.

6. After AC Installation

You should look beyond the cost of acquisition. The total cost of ownership, proper maintenance, and yearly repairs should all be considered throughout the 15- 20-year lifespan. Make sure to stay up to date with the warranty requirements and schedule regular tune-up visits with an HVAC contractor. The small amount of money you invest in servicing your air conditioner is much less than the repairs you prevent by maintaining it.


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