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A do-it-yourself approach to boiler repairs is not the best idea even if you are extremely confident about your skills. Heating equipment is complicated. When you make mistakes, it could be costly. Furthermore, the decision to fix a boiler as an unlicensed HVAC contractor could void the warranty.

If you work on a heating system without the essential know-how and licensing, you might put everyone at risk, including your home. It’s never a good idea to take a risk just to save some cash. You could end up spending more money along the way.

The best thing to do is to hire an experienced and licensed boiler repair technician. To accomplish this properly, you must know how to find a reputable boiler repair company.

Why Is It Important To Find A Reliable Boiler Repair Company?

The reputation of a boiler repair service company should be your most critical consideration. Before you weigh on the other factors, you must look into customer feedback and testimonials. You can learn a lot from the first-hand experience of previous clients and customers. Read online reviews about the company. Be sure to look at the positive and negative HVAC reviews.

You also may want to ask your friends, coworkers, or anyone you trust about prospective boiler repair companies they’ve hired in the past. Recommendations matter, especially if you don’t want to waste your time searching for prospects with no feedback or reviews.

Local Vs. National Boiler Repair Companies

A business’s success is attributed to excellent service to its clients. HVAC repair companies with nationwide coverage employ highly experienced and trained technicians. But the problem is that when you need them to address an issue with your heating system, there’s a long list of things to go through. There’s that corporate red tape that will make the response time very slow, to the point that you’d become very frustrated while waiting for your turn.

On the other hand, you can expect a local HVAC repair company to respond faster than a large national HVAC company. Faster response time is attributed to things like personalized service, local knowledge, and proximity. The primary difference between a small local HVAC company and a large corporation is that the former will prioritize customer service.


Boiler Repair Company History

Once you come up with a list of prospective boiler repair companies, start digging up their histories. You must figure out how long they’ve been in the business. Years or decades of experience in the industry says a lot about the reliability of the company and the people behind it. In other words, their longevity means they’re doing something that customers love.

Boiler Brand Partners

HVAC repair and maintenance companies build partnerships with brands and manufacturers. Doing so allows them to improve the knowledge and technical skills of their team when it comes to servicing their units. Specialized knowledge keeps these companies highly competitive, plus the partnership with the manufacturers of boilers and other heating equipment gives them better access to parts for replacements.

Look for a boiler repair service that has an existing partnership with the brand of your equipment.

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Customer Service

Make sure that the boiler repair company displays a willingness to hear you out. Whenever you have questions, they should be capable and enthusiastic enough to answer all of them. For example, if they missed out on something during the repair, then they should come back and make up for the mistake.

Transparency is a crucial component of customer service. Choose a boiler repair company that has a website where you can obtain their contact details as well as the rates for their different services. A customer service representative must be on standby to get your call and address your needs. You know that you’re dealing with the ideal company when they show the willingness to go the extra mile even for the initial assessment.


There are a handful of dangers associated with malfunctioning heating equipment. So, when you notice that something is wrong with your boiler, be sure to call the pros to handle it on your behalf. Taking the DIY route will make matters worse. But when you’re hiring a boiler repair service, don’t forget to verify if the company is legitimate. Inquire if the business has a license to operate and the proper insurance. Ask if the technicians have their individual licenses, too. These safety measures are your guarantee that when something goes wrong, such as property damage, there’s an insurance policy that covers the cost to repair the damages.

In-Home Estimate Vs. Over The Phone Estimate

The majority of HVAC companies will offer free estimates. However, be wary of those who will give you an over-the-phone estimate. The failure to inspect your heating equipment in person means that the price quotation is highly inaccurate. You should insist on an in-home estimate instead. Once a company gives you the figures, be sure to put it on paper so that you will have the necessary proof once you sign the dotted line.

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Boiler Repair Cost & Second Opinions

It’s best to obtain an estimate from three or four HVAC contractors before you decide. Even if you feel like you’ve found the ideal prospect, you still need to do comparison shopping. Keep in mind that the cost of fixing your heating equipment will differ from one company to another. The purpose of a second opinion is for you to weigh your options and understand which offer is the most reasonable one. The same thing holds true when it comes to the diagnosis and proposed solutions. For instance, one prospect might tell you that several parts need replacement, while another one might say that only one replacement is necessary to get the equipment up and running again.


Fixing a problematic or malfunctioning boiler is the responsibility of a professional. You must put in the effort to hire someone who comes with an excellent reputation, years of experience, and a reasonable price quotation. The company you choose must deliver the best possible customer service and, preferably, a strong partnership with your boiler’s manufacturer. When it comes to safety, the best boiler repair service must check all the boxes, including licensing, insurance, and exceptional safety record. The bottom line is that you must set a high standard.

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annual furnace tune-upHaving your furnace tuned up on an annual basis is a great way to keep this important home equipment functioning as it should.

Without a working furnace, maintaining a safe and comfortable home will be downright impossible, especially when the outside temperatures are at their coldest.
Beyond extending the lifetime of our furnace, however, annual furnace tune-ups can provide several incredible benefits.

Following are five reasons to schedule a furnace tune-up today.

Why Is A Furnace Tune-Up Necessary?

Whether you need an oil or gas furnace tune-up, this is a service that is sure to boost the efficiency of your system. It also boosts its overall safety. When you turn this equipment on, you’ll know that it’s capable of performing seamlessly, and without negatively impacting the health and safety of those within the home.
More importantly, given that annual furnace maintenance is a requirement for most warranties, it can help you maintain this agreement. Warranties are offered by heating and cooling system manufacturers to guarantee the costs of replacements or repairs if problems ever arise as the result of faulty parts or workmanship.

If you are careful about maintaining your home furnace and having annual tune-ups and inspections performed, it will be easy to prove the manufacturer at fault. This is all the truer when a furnace or one of its major components breaks down ahead of the intended lifespan. As such, staying on top of yearly furnace maintenance can help you keep this agreement valid by ensuring that the manufacturer doesn’t void it due to non-compliance.

Preventative Maintenance For Your Home Furnace

furnace maintenanceThere are a few things that your HVAC company will do when performing a tune-up on your furnace. For one thing, your HVAC contractor will begin by performing a complete inspection to determine the condition and functioning of each component. After having completed this inspection, the tech will replace any components that are known to be worn or damaged. Filters will be cleaned or changed as well, and additional steps will be taken to limit future wear. Overall, a furnace tune-up ensures that the entire system is as efficient as it can possibly be.
Your provider will create a record of this maintenance service as well so that this documentation can be shared with the system manufacturer as necessary. This might come in handy if you ever need to make a claim against your warranty.

When setting up your home furnace tune-up, how often this maintenance must be performed will ultimately be determined by how often and heavily you use this equipment. You will also need to account for the maintenance requirements that are included within your system warranty.
The average heating system will need to be tuned up just once per year. This is an appointment that you might want to schedule in the early portion of fall. This way, you’ll be able to depend on your heating system right before the cold winter weather when you’ll be needing your furnace the most.

Is It Worthwhile To Have A Furnace Tune-Up Performed?

energy efficient homeMany homeowners are surprised by the ongoing list of home maintenance chores that they’re responsible for completing as property owners. Paying to have your furnace tuned up might seem like just another burdensome job to do. However, the money that you wind up spending on this process can actually provide you with considerable savings going forward.
When you consider the average costs of an air conditioner and furnace replacement, you’ll discover that the charges for properly maintaining this equipment are both nominal and more than worthwhile. Take a look at the five benefits that you can enjoy by opting to tune your furnace up annually.

1. Reduced Spending On Your Utilities

After you’ve had a tune-up performed, you’ll be able to pay a whole lot less to heat your home up. Services like these are intended to keep your home heating system as efficient as possible. Throughout the winter months, your home will use less energy and still remain comfortable. Moreover, in addition to spending less on your energy bills, you will reduce your carbon footprint.

2. The Quality Of Your Indoor Air Will Be Much Higher

One major but lesser-known benefit of tuning a furnace up each year is that the indoor air quality within the home will be improved. These services include both a filter change and the removal of accumulated dust, dirt and other debris from the system’s interior parts. As such, the air being distributed throughout your home will be cleaner and free of irritants and contaminants. This is very helpful for all those living with COPD, allergies, asthma, or other respiratory ailments that might be exacerbated by a low indoor air quality.

3. Extend The Lifetime Of Your Current Furnace

To get the absolute best value from the furnace that you already own, you want to do all that you can to extend its total lifespan. With routine servicing, maintenance, and inspections, you can do this. Your HVAC contractor can identify small problems and correct them before these issues have the opportunity to start spiraling. Additionally, accumulations of dust, dirt, and other particulates that make furnaces work harder will also be cleaned up.

4. Stay Abreast Of The Current Condition Of Your Home Heating System

Services like these also enable property owners to remain current with any new developments pertaining to their home heating equipment. This is definitely important if you don’t know a whole lot about the furnace that is currently in your home. Your provider can tell you about how long this system is expected to last. This will allow you to plan and prepare for any necessary replacement project that you’ll have to pay for once your furnace reaches the end of its lifespan.

5. Protect The Safety Of All Those Living In The Home

In addition to saving you cash, regular inspections and tune-ups can help save the lives of those living in your home. This equipment produces heat by burning fuel, which also creates exhaust. If there is ever a leak within the exhaust lines, building residents may be exposed to carbon monoxide. Making sure that all system parts are functioning properly will help you avoid this potentially fatal development and many other safety hazards.

What Does A Home Furnace Tune-Up Include?

heating system servicesYour home furnace tune-up will begin with a total system check and a thorough cleaning. Your provider will use a detailed furnace tune-up checklist that reflects the nature and nuances of the specific heating equipment you own.
After everything has been cleaned and expected, damaged parts and parts that are wearing down will be replaced for improved safety and efficiency. Moreover, lubricant will be applied to moving parts to further ensure excellent performance.
By documenting the different treatments that are performed, your HVAC contractor can give you written proof that you have adhered to the maintenance requirements of your warranty. More importantly, this is information that will help you prepare for any replacement you need to pay for once your furnace reaches the end of its lifespan.

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