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Winter brings with it the holidays and other joyous things. Unfortunately, winter also means low temperatures and snow. Not to mention the dry indoor air we have to cope up with as well. It might not seem like a big issue, but dry air can affect your home’s indoor air quality and comfort. It can also affect your health when neglected for too long. Often, homeowners do not take notice of the dry air in your home until after dry air symptoms pop up. In this article, we will talk about dry air, how it affects your home’s air quality, and a few solutions to dry air issues.

Why Is There Dry Indoor Air During The Winter?

A dry air environment is when the level of water vapor in the air is almost non-existent. Water vapor in the air is a natural occurrence. However, changes in the temperature can affect the amount of moisture in the air. If it is cold, then the air won’t be able to retain water vapor. It is no wonder that we experience dry air more during the winter season.
Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor or moisture in the air. The humidity level inside your home will also determine its comfort level. The most common reasons for dry indoor air are:

Insulation Issues

A right balance of water vapor in the air means you maintain the indoor air quality standards in your home. One of the likely reasons for an imbalanced moisture level is that your home does not have proper insulation. Your heater reduces the moisture levels inside your home. However, the balance can be maintained if there is an appropriate level of humidity inside your home. Any holes, gaps, or cracks in your home will pull in the dry air from outside and disrupt the balance.

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Lost Humidity Is Not Replaced

The moisture inside your home is reduced every time you turn on your heating system. This also occurs whenever you switch on cooling appliances like air conditioners. The air will remain dry if the water vapor that is lost when you turn on your HVAC system is not replaced.

How Dry Indoor Air Affects Your Health & Home

Prolonged exposure to dry indoor air can cause a few issues to both your health and home. A few of the common effects of dry air are:

Respiratory Issues

Dry air constricts your airways. When this happens, you will have difficulty in breathing. This is especially an issue for people who suffer from chronic respiratory problems like asthma. Some of the symptoms include feeling a tightness in the chest, coughing, and shortness of breath.

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Dry Skin And Other Problems

Dry air tends to suck the moisture out of your skin as well. This might lead to skin issues such as itchiness and flaking. Your hair is also affected id there is very little humidity in the air as it can lead to having dry hair that is prone to breakage. People who have the flu may also notice their symptoms worsening if exposed to dry air. They might experience dry, itchy eyes and chills, among other symptoms.

Damage To Wooden Components And Structures

If you find any cracks on the paint or if your wallpaper is peeling off, it might be because of the dry air. Books, musical instruments, paper or wooden sculptures, and paintings can also get damaged by the dry air.

Anything made of wood inside your home is at risk too. Dry air can cause deformity on any wooden surfaces in your home, including doors, furniture, window frames, and floors. It can also make wooden cabinets, doors, and windows difficult to open and close. This is because they tend to dry out when exposed to dry air for long periods.

What Homeowners Can Do To Remove Dry Air

Dry indoor air can be damaging to your health and home. Fortunately, dry indoor air can be preventable. Some of the things you can do to keep the humidity level balanced include:

Fix The Air Drafts

Check around your house for any gaps, holes, and cracks. Use fillers, putty, or foam sealant to fix them. Weatherstripping your doors and windows is also recommended. Make sure that the insulation in your home is intact and sufficient. Otherwise, add more for better insulation.

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Use A Humidifier

A humidifier adds moisture in the air. It is an essential device for when you need to keep the humidity level balanced inside your home. There are five types of humidifiers, some of which are portable and perfect for single rooms. However, if you want to make sure that your whole home receives the much-needed moisture, consider installing a central humidifier. This ensures that you receive comfort while still being cost-efficient.

Get Your HVAC System Checked

Regular HVAC tune-ups are vital to ensure that your heating equipment works properly for a very long time. It is recommended that you get your HVAC system maintained at least once a year before the winter months arrive. A professional HVAC technician can help you with all your heating and cooling needs, even identifying issues before they turn into larger problems. An HVAC system that is in tiptop shape will prevent indoor air pollution and maintain a home environment that is comfortable and safe for you and your family.


The winter season is a time for joyous occasions. Don’t let the dry air dampen the mood. Dry indoor air can cause quite health and comfort problems for you and your family. However, you do not have to suffer through it as there are many ways to fix it. Taking the right approach into improving your indoor air quality and getting your home winter-ready will go a long way.

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The quality of the furnace installation is equally as important as the quality of the equipment that is installed. For this reason, HVAC experts will always advise homeowners to hire a professional when they need a furnace installation in their home. An improper furnace installation will impact the efficiency, performance, and safety of a unit. Hiring a professional is just a great approach to avoiding major furnace problems in the future. In the following article, we highlight the importance of proper furnace installation.

Why A Manual J Load Calculation Is Essential When Performing A Furnace Installation

The first step for furnace installation should always include a licensed HVAC technician and a Manual J Load Calculation. Your HVAC installer will use this to determine the capacity and size of the furnace needed.

What Is A Manual J Load Calculation?

A Manual J Load Calculation is used when calculating the heating and cooling capacities of an HVAC system. There are specific factors to this calculation that take into account many aspects of your home. These include measurements such as walls, square footage, and ceiling height. Insulation and the position of your home is also a factor.

The calculation will determine which HVAC system is right for your dwelling. The capacity is usually measured in tons and British Thermal Units (BTUs).

Each home is unique, and the calculation must take into account not only the structure and design but the materials used as well as the residents. A correctly sized and fitted HVAC unit should be capable of maintaining an even indoor temperature when providing heat.

If the system is not suitably sized for the residence, it will not work correctly. This could lead to inadequate heat supply and an overworked furnace. Even if you purchased a unit with a high-efficiency rating, your over or undersized unit will not run efficiently. The inefficiency of your heating system leads to higher fuel consumption, higher home heating costs, increased wear and tear, and premature replacement.

Until it reaches the end of its lifespan, the occupants will feel discomfort and experience poor indoor air quality as well. Therefore, correctly sizing your unit is paramount.

Safety Issues That Occur With An Improperly Installed Furnace

There are also many safety issues surrounding an improperly installed heating system. Below are some of the more serious problems that can occur when a furnace is not installed correctly:

Gas Leaks

Poorly connected systems can leave gaps in the joints, which could potentially cause a gas leak. Such a leak is a serious matter as it is combustible and extremely harmful to the health of both humans and animals.

Electrical Issues

Another serious problem with incorrectly installed units is faulty wiring. Not only can wiring problems drain power, but they can also increase the risk of fire in the home. Issues with the electrics can also decrease efficiency, meaning more expense for the bill payer.

Discomfort In The Home From Poorly Installed Heating Systems

Another issue that arises when an HVAC system is not correctly installed is discomfort for the occupants. When the unit is not functioning as needed, it can lead to the following problems:

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Your HVAC system can have an adverse effect on air quality when installed incorrectly. If the drain system that your HVAC system has is incorrectly set in place, then this can lead to a water leak and structural damage to your home. Also, the accumulation of moisture can result in the growth of mold and mildew, affecting the quality of the air that you breathe.

Air Distribution Problems

Faulty installation of a furnace can affect the duct system, leading to poor air distribution. This occurs when the capacity of the output does not equal the duct size. This issue leads to uneven temperature throughout the house. It will also increase the inefficiency of the entire system.

image of hvac air vent

Hot and Cold Spots In The Home

The problems created by poor air distribution are responsible for creating hot and cold spots in the home, which in turn will lead to discomfort for the occupants.

Issues With Venting Of The Furnace

Your HVAC system relies on being correctly vented. The wrong fitting size or material will create problems that become quickly evident. A furnace that has venting issues releases carbon monoxide, a fatal gas that is both odorless and colorless.

Choosing A Professional HVAC Contractor For Your Furnace Installation

To ensure a proper furnace installation, it is important to choose a licensed and experienced HVAC company. Choose a local heating company with a good reputation.
The HVAC company you choose should have the following qualifications:

HVAC Industry Certifications & NATE

NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certification is granted to technicians who have passed the core and specialty tests they provide. They are an independent body that utilizes a knowledge-based exam to certify the credentials of professionals working in the installation industry for heating and cooling systems. Always look for NATE certified technicians when choosing an HVAC installation company. NATE is a sign of competence in the HVAC industry.

Licensed And Bonded HVAC Contractors

Licensed technicians who are qualified to perform their jobs are knowledgeable and trained and will provide competent work once hired.
A bonded HVAC contractor provides a surety bond, which is a form of insurance that covers both the technician and the clients should the need arise.

HVAC Contractor Reviews

It is advisable that you request references from your potential HVAC installer. A reliable company will have no issue providing these and will have them readily available on request. Also, be sure to check their website. Many reputable HVAC companies enable customers to post reviews about the work the company has performed for them.


The proper installation of your home heating system is vitally important for the many reasons noted above. Not only will it ensure the safety and comfort of the household, but it will reduce unnecessary costs in the future.

Many companies offer heating services. Choose one that you can trust. A quality installation by a trained professional will ensure future comfort for your home and family. It will reduce the likelihood of needing a premature replacement or frequent repairs, which can be costly over time. Overall, don’t just choose a furnace make and model wisely. Choose your furnace installation company wisely too.

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We offer superior heating and cooling services, including HVAC tune-ups, installations, and repairs. Our team of NATE certified technicians has the experience and knowledge necessary to meet all of your home heating needs.

We offer the most competitive prices for all of our HVAC services, including repairs and replacements. We always keep your budget in mind while prioritizing energy efficiency, comfort, indoor air quality, and more. All of our work is guaranteed.

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Basic furnace troubleshooting is an essential skill that all homeowners should posses. It will always prove to be useful during the colder months of the year. Despite the general resilience of furnaces, they can still suffer from different issues from time to time. When it happens, the comfort of the family, and the safety of the home may be compromised. Advanced issues should be handled by licensed HVAC technicians, though homeowners can perform simple troubleshooting themselves.

Common Furnace Issues & How To Troubleshoot

This list includes the necessary steps for furnace troubleshooting that are suitable for homeowners.

1. Furnace Doesn’t Receive Regular Heating System Maintenance

Our furnaces save us from the biting cold during autumn and winter. They work hard to keep us warm and comfortable. The hard work of the system leads to wear and tear. Components may eventually get damaged, and the system could grind to a halt if there are no periodic interventions. Furnaces require regular maintenance. A licensed HVAC contractor should check the system at least once a year to perform minor repairs and tune-ups. This level of consistency prevents small matters from spiraling into major headaches. It keeps operational and furnace repair costs down while maintaining high energy efficiency.

Troubleshoot: The best way to keep the furnace out of trouble is to schedule annual professional maintenance service.

2. Dirty HVAC Air Filters

One of the most common issues faced by older furnaces is having dirty air filters. These devices capture impurities in the air and improve indoor air quality in your home. When these are working well, you will benefit bhy breathing in clean and safe air. The problem is that dust and dirt can eventually overwhelm these filters. The surfaces get clogged, which negatively affects airflow and the air you breathe.

Troubleshoot: Inspect the air filters as often as possible. All HVAC experts recommend a monthly check. Clogged filters must be taken out for cleaning or replacement as necessary.

3. Furnace Displays Electric Ignitor Or Pilot Control Issues

If your heating system features electric ignition, then your difficulties in turning it on may be electrical. Also, a problematic pilot will prevent a furnace from heating a home. Remember that you must not force electronic igniters to work through manual lighting. This has a different mechanism such that it must only be lit if the unit is receiving power. Check the owner’s manual for guidance or, better yet, call an experienced HVAC company to help you out.

Troubleshoot: Start with the circuit breaker. Fix it is it is tripped, then proceed to inspect the unit. There may be drafts or clogs, preventing ignition. If your efforts don’t improve the situation, then call for a licensed HVAC technician right away.

4. Thermostat Malfunction

Sometimes a furnace will not turn on due to a faulty thermostat. You will have to check the component to see what’s going on. This is usually a simple matter that is easy to fix. For example, it may have run out of battery power. Just install new ones, and it will be good to go. The worst-case scenario is that the thermostat needs a replacement.

Troubleshoot: Try switching the thermostat off and on for a quick reset. You may also try shutting down the whole system, waiting for a few minutes, and turning it back on to see if this improves the situation. Get a fresh set of batteries. If it is still unresponsive, then get help from an HVAC contractor.


5. Cold Air Coming From The Furnace

The furnace is expected to produce hot air to counter the cold outside temperatures. If it is blowing cold air, then there is something wrong. Possible reasons include clogged filters, no power, improper thermostat setting, and pilot light failure. In some cases, the furnace is simply incapable of providing warm air for a variety of reasons.

Troubleshoot: The size of the furnace should match the needs of your home. If the unit is too small, then you will have to upgrade to a bigger size. Also, if the filters are dirty, then replace them right away. If there is no fuel, then schedule a delivery. If there is no power, then check the circuit breaker and the connections. Verify that the temperature setting is correct. If you inspect all of this and still can’t determine the cause, call an HVAC company.

6. Furnace Is Short-Cycling

Furnaces are designed to produce heat until the rooms achieve the desired temperature. It can then stop doing so until the temperature drops again and it is required to generate more warmth. Cycling happens at reasonable intervals to save energy while keeping the components in good shape. If the furnace switches on and off at an unusually high frequency, then you should investigate the underlying issue. It could be a furnace sizing mismatch, dirty filters, faulty thermostat, or overheating.

Troubleshoot: See whether the thermostat is still in good shape and working properly. If it is too close to the window or a heat source, then it may be receiving a bad temperature reading that results in odd behaviors. Short cycling may also be caused by a size mismatch between the unit and the home. If the problem turns out to be a damaged heat exchanger, then call an HVAC technician.

gas furnace

7. Furnace Blower Runs All The Time

Furnace blowers will sometimes need to stop. If yours is blowing all the time, then this could point to an issue with a limit switch. It may be possible to turn off this switch manually. Check the current setting and adjust as necessary.

Troubleshoot: You can leave the switch at the automatic setting to stop it from running all the time. In case the switch itself is damaged, then have an HVAC contractor repair it.

8. Odd Noises And Odors From The Furnace

If you’ve had the furnace for a while, then you should be able to differentiate normal sounds and odd noises. Anything out of the ordinary might be warning signs that merit further investigation. Clicks, booms, clangs, and screeches may be due to internal component failure. Odd smells could also signify danger.

Troubleshoot: Sometimes, this is an airflow issue, and the best way to solve it is to check the filters. If the problem is due to a blocked burner or a mechanical issue, then it would be best to leave the repairs to a trained furnace technician.

Call Tower Energy for Furnace Repairs And Replacement

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Most homeowners are capable of learning and implementing the most basic troubleshooting strategies. Getting the right information will allow them to do the steps safely. Understanding how the furnace operates will give you a better appreciation of the unit and an improved judgment about the things that you can do for it. If the task is simple enough, such as a filter replacement, then you can go ahead. If it is complex, then it’s best to call a technician.
Tower Energy is a respected provider of heating and cooling services in the region. Only the best NATE certified technicians are hired to be part of the team. You can expect high-quality repairs, installations, replacements, and tune-ups. Every member of the team has the expertise to offer excellent HVAC services.

If you need repairs or replacement, then give Tower Energy a call. Enjoy competitive rates and superior workmanship. Call us today to arrange a scheduled visit with a free estimate.

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furnace maintenance

As the winter season draws near, temperatures throughout the nation are starting to plummet. This is an excellent time for homeowners to inspect their furnaces and to verify that these units are ready for the challenges of the cold weather. If you have any doubts about the working condition of your home furnace, you should call a trusted heating company to perform a tune-up and take care of all the necessary repairs. This is something that you should do now rather than later as it could be far more challenging to schedule HVAC services up during the heart of winter.

This is the time of year when homeowners tend to have the most questions. They want to know what type of furnace service they need. They may need help in finding a new furnace while considering all of the upfront and ongoing costs of this purchase. Seasoned HVAC professionals can provide needs-specific and truly comprehensive answers. To start, however, we’ll offer some general information by answering these common furnace FAQ:

Does My Home Furnace Really Have To Be Maintained?

The absolute answer to this question is YES! Furnace maintenance is nothing short of essential. Before most HVAC manufacturers will honor their warranties, they usually require proof of routine maintenance. These companies provide comprehensive instructions on caring for these units in their user manuals. You should always schedule an annual furnace tune-up to avoid costly repairs and sudden failure. Regular tune-ups for your furnace will ensure longevity, high levels of efficiency, and optimum safety.

When Should Furnace Repairs Be Scheduled?

As soon as you detect any furnace problem, you should schedule furnace repairs right away. Delaying will give these issues the chance to spiral out of control and could increase the related furnace repair costs. Problems are generally much faster, cheaper, and easier to deal with when they first rear their heads. Get in touch with a furnace repair company that has good ratings from other consumers in your area.

broken heating system

When Should I Replace My Furnace?

There isn’t really a set time frame for home furnace replacements given that each of these units can differ in terms of longevity and overall quality. Many furnaces can last more than a decade when they receive diligent maintenance. After approximately 10 years, however, it’s probably time to start preparing for this expense. You can avoid frequent breakdowns by replacing an outdated furnace.

What Are Some Signs That A Furnace Replacement Is Needed?

You may want to upgrade your home heating system if you start experiencing pilot light failure, insufficient heat, strange odors, increased corrosion, delayed ignition, and other symptoms of furnace failure. Decreasing efficiency is also a sign that your furnace needs a replacement. This will reveal itself as a noticeable increase in home energy use and higher energy bills.

How Often Should Furnace Filters Be Replaced?

HVAC air filters keep dirt, dust, and other elements from entering this equipment, and to protect the quality of the indoor air. The filter surface, however, can eventually become clogged with collected particulates. You should perform filter replacements for your home furnace as per the recommendations in your owner’s manual. Check the filter monthly and replace it as needed.

Which Furnace Type Is Best?

The best furnace to invest in is the one that is best-suited to the unique needs and layout of your home. It should boast the perfect heating capacity for effectively warming the entire building interior. A good furnace will also have an acceptable high AFUE rating. Most furnaces in the US have ratings of 80 percent and above.

What Are Some Ways I Can Reduce My Energy Bill?

One of the biggest expenses for nearly every household is the home heating bill. Lower your energy costs by regularly performing maintenance on your heating system. This will improve the overall efficiency of your heating equipment so that it consumes less fuel during the winter. You can also cut your spending by setting the thermostat to a more moderate temperature.

high heating bills

How Can I Determine The Right Furnace Capacity Or Size For My Home?

Multiple factors help determine the proper furnace size for any home, including the building’s ceiling height, total floor space, orientation, insulation, natural shade, and local climate. A seasoned HVAC professional can perform a Manual J load calculation to arrive at an accurate figure.

What’s The Anticipated Lifespan Of My New Furnace?

The lifespan of a furnace can vary from one home to the next. When their units receive proper maintenance and care, homeowners can expect their newly installed heating equipment to last two decades or more. Your furnace should also be the proper size for your home. If you aren’t sure about this, ask an HVAC contractor for sizing estimates.

What Is The AFUE Rating For A Furnace?

The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency ration or AFUE rating is a measurement of the unit’s heat production concerning the amount of fuel that it consumes. What’s a decent AFUE rating? You want this to be 80 percent or higher, or preferably 90 percent or higher. Check your user manual to learn how to find the AFUE rating. The unit’s faceplate displays its efficiency rating.


People can rely on their home furnaces for comfort and warmth throughout many winter seasons. The lifespan of this essential equipment can even extend beyond two decades, but only when homeowners are diligent in performing heater maintenance. You should monitor and change air filters as needed. Homeowners should also schedule professional tune-ups each year. These can include comprehensive cleaning and inspections. All minor furnace repairs should be performed right away.

For households with older furnaces, it may be time to consider having these units replaced. Increasing fuel consumption, regular breakdowns, and advancing age are all reasons to invest in new heating equipment. Just be sure to choose the right size furnace for your home. To determine the needed heating capacity, have Manual J load calculations performed by trusted heating professionals. High-efficiency units are ideal.

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Get Connected With Tower Energy For Your Home Heating Needs

Tower Energy provides reliable services in home heating and cooling throughout the region. We are staffed by top-rated NATE-certified professionals who are adept in providing HVAC replacements, repairs, installations, tune-up services, and more. They have the knowledge and the work history for providing proper HVAC system solutions.

Does your home heating system need to be replaced, or does it require repairs? No matter what the case may be, there is no need to worry. You’re in very capable hands with Tower Energy. We offer the most competitive local prices on furnace replacements and repairs. If your system does need a replacement, we will help you find the perfect model for your budget and your home. As ever, our top priorities continue to be comfort, efficiency, indoor air quality, among other things. Call Tower Energy now to set up your free, in-home consultation.

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home heating and coolingIf you own equipment of any kind, it will require regular maintenance. An HVAC system is one example of this. Manufacturers design heating and cooling systems to last for a long time. However, they do age and wear down from use. You should schedule regular HVAC maintenance to keep your system running as long as possible. Paying for routine maintenance is easy when compared to paying for an avoidable repair or failure in the future. An excellent way to ensure the optimal performance of your home’s HVAC system is to enter into an HVAC maintenance agreement with your local heating and cooling company.

The HVAC Maintenance Agreement: An Explanation 

Many call an HVAC technician for inspections and tune-ups here and there. However, the best method for making sure your home heating and cooling systems stay at the top of its game is to sign a maintenance agreement for long-term service. These contracts include regular inspections, among other benefits.
When you have a maintenance agreement, you can be more confident in your system’s performance and save money in the long run. Your equipment will be taken care of as necessary. In this article, we discuss some of the perks that you will receive with an HVAC service contract.

You Will Be Reminded of Scheduled HVAC Services

The summer and winter seasons are the busiest times for heating and cooling companies. During these times of the year, they receive the most requests for repairs and tune-ups. Many of the calls are from homeowners who are late in scheduling their seasonal inspections. Many of them are frantic because of an HVAC emergency. Postponing HVAC tune-ups and repairs is never a good idea. Nevertheless, many HVAC customers put it off for too long.

In anticipation of this common issue, HVAC contractors offer a yearly service contract. Scheduled service reminders are a part of this valuable service. You will receive reminders for inspections, cleanings, and tune-ups in the spring and autumn seasons. Because of this, you can feel comfortable knowing that your system is taken care of, right before you need it the most.

An Annual HVAC Maintenance Contract Gives You Priority Service

hvac maintenanceRegular heating and air conditioning maintenance lessen the chances of a breakdown. However, like all machinery, HVAC equipment can break down for other reasons. If this happens, immediate repair is the best way to save money and reduce the length of discomfort from system failures. Those who have a yearly contract have priority over those who have not signed an agreement. The HVAC company treats a call for repairs with urgency and an HVAC contractor will come to fix the problem as soon as possible. This is a great way to prevent paying for emergency service or going without cooling or heating during the peak of the season.

HVAC Service Is Properly Documented

An HVAC company will document and file all maintenance and repair work. All HVAC systems that are under warranty require proof of regular maintenance. If you cannot prove that you are doing everything you can to keep your HVAC system running smoothly, manufacturers may refuse to honor the warranty. Good documentation makes a difference.

Also, when it comes to selling a home, documentation of maintenance work can prove to prospective buyers that the HVAC system has been taken care of, and it running efficiently at the time of sale.

HVAC Systems Last Longer

family spending time indoors in comfortable homeRegular HVAC maintenance ensures that your heating and cooling system will last as long as it is supposed to or even longer. The longer the system lasts, the more time a homeowner has to save for a future replacement. When you neglect HVAC maintenance, these home comfort systems are at risk for frequent problems and needed repairs. Neglected heating and cooling units tend to have short lifespans than those that are well-maintained. Also, neglected systems will end up costing much more for more repairs and unforeseen failures.

Regular Heating & Cooling Maintenance Reduces Energy Costs

Heating and cooling units become less efficient as they age. Wear and tear make it difficult for them to run smoothly, and it takes more energy for them to reach set temperatures. Lower efficiency systems cause higher utility costs. An HVAC maintenance agreement can keep home systems performing efficiently. When less energy is used, monthly utility costs will be much lower.

HVAC Services Are Discounted

Although maintenance agreements come with fees, the service discounts you receive from your agreement can pay for it in the long-term. If you have a heating and cooling maintenance contract, you will receive services and repairs at discount pricing. The discount may cover both the labor and parts. Paying for repairs is never enjoyable, but with a maintenance agreement, the repair costs will be much less than they would be without such a plan in place.

Contact Tower Energy For Home Heating And Cooling Services

Good HVAC companies understand the necessity of regular maintenance. They know that HVAC maintenance agreements are an important part of providing reliable HVAC service to customers. To reap the benefits, consider signing a maintenance agreement with an experienced HVAC company.

Tower Energy is one of the best HVAC companies in the area. We hire experienced technicians that are NATE certified. Some of the services that we offer include tune-ups, installations, repairs, and replacements. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge to work on most makes and models of HVAC equipment. We know how important our services are to our customers, and we make efficiency, comfort, and quality the highest priority.

If you have an interest in a customized HVAC maintenance agreement, you will find one with Tower Energy. We have a variety of plans to match the needs of our customers. If you would like to know more about the ins and outs of an HVAC maintenance agreement for your home, click here or contact us right away. Give us a call and let us show you how an HVAC maintenance agreement can benefit your family.

Contact us now or call us at (860) 677-7347 to find out more.

broken heating systemYour heating system is your best friend during winter. Regardless of how low the temperature will get outside, this piece of equipment will keep you and your loved ones warm inside. But with continued use and as time passes, the system might develop problems. Sometimes, you will have to choose between either a heating system repair vs. replacement.
It is tough to make a decision when it comes to choosing whether to repair or replace your heating system. Most people will opt to have the unit repaired as this is more affordable than actually buying a new one. However, there are cases where buying a new unit is the more logical choice.

When To Opt For A Heating System Repair Vs. Replacement

In this article, we will discuss some of the signs that your heating system requires replacement. These signs will help you cut back on repair costs as you enjoy an energy-efficient, comfortable home.

Age Of Your Heating System

Heating systems are generally designed to be reliable. Depending on the manufacturer, frequency of usage, and design, most heating systems can serve you for between 15 to 30 years. This is quite a lengthy service life, but some people would still want to maximize those number of years. Even though it is not a bad idea, it is not always possible. Some units start developing issues as early as the 12th year of service. It is not a bad idea to have your unit retired because by this time you have enjoyed nearly all that it can offer. You will avoid a lot of stress from downtimes and HVAC repairs by merely replacing your heating system. On top of that, newer models are more appealing and technologically advanced.

A Decrease Of Your Heater’s Energy Efficiency

All machines gradually reduce in efficiency over time. But with regular furnace tune-ups, you will be able to slow this down. However, you cannot entirely eliminate this reduction of efficiency.

You will notice that your heating system is consuming more fuel to produce the same amount of heat than it did before. It will reach a point where the fuel consumption is so drastic, as the decline in efficiency progresses, that continuing to use the system becomes unreasonable.

At this point, it makes more sense to replace the old heating unit than holding on to it. This will positively affect you, your household alone, and the environment. The high energy consumption of your old heating unit leads to an increase in the release of greenhouse gases, something that destroys the environment. Apart from that, there will be a drastic increase in the cost of heating your home.

Increased Home Heating Costs

high home heating costsYou will notice an increase in energy costs as a direct result of the rise in fuel consumption. Do have in mind that factors such as shortages and high demand can cause a spike in the cost of fuel. If you continue using an aging or underperforming heating system, you will have to buy more fuel than you did in the past. The extra cash that you will use to fuel your unit can add up to a substantial amount. Even though heating system repairs will help ensure that the system continues to serve you, they will not improve efficiency. What you should do is get rid of your aging unit and replace it with a new one to enjoy its low energy consumption and operating cost.

Frequent Heating System Repairs

In theory, you can continue repairing your old heating system as long as skilled technicians and parts are available. This means that you can still use the heating unit until it achieves the 30-year life span. However, this is impractical, and very few homeowners wait for that to happen. This is because repairs will consume both your precious time and money. Annual visits by an HVAC technician are tolerable. However, when this happens more often, for instance, such as a few times a year, then the system is just not worth it. When you add up the heating system repair costs, you may find out that a new furnace installation is cheaper.

Discomfort And Heat Imbalance Throughout The Home

image of a home with a broken furnaceAn aging furnace’s effectiveness regresses with time. When the system was new, it was able to effectively warm all the rooms in your home and provide comfort for the family. However, as time went by, you may have started to notice that rooms located farther from your unit began to feel a bit colder and uncomfortable to spend time in.
This is a clear indication that you need to replace your heating system. The system can no longer serve you the way it used to. Therefore, it is time to replace it with a new one that can. Do not waste time; install a new heating system as soon as possible.

Dusty Home & Poor Indoor Air Quality

Outdoor air quality is poor because of cars, factories, and other well-known pollutants. But the quality of the air inside your home can also be compromised due to dirt, debris, and dust. These pollutants can accumulate, circulate, and cause discomfort to your family members.

You can avoid this by regularly cleaning the ducts and replacing the air filters in your heating system. Also, installing UV lights at strategic points in your home and using an air purifier will help avoid the problem. However, if you have already done this and the air quality is still poor, then consider installing a new heating system in your home. The condition of your furnace directly impacts the quality of air inside your home.

Call Tower Energy For All Of Your Heating Needs

Even though repairs can add a few more useful years to your system, there will come a time when you have to replace it. Your long-term financial stability and your health depend on it. It is not wrong to repair your system as it might solve your immediate problem. However, know that you will have to replace your whole heating system after it has served you for several years.

Tower Energy provides the best heating and cooling services in the area. Our technicians are NATE certified and pride themselves on being able to provide our customers with excellent HVAC services. Some of our areas of expertise include HVAC repairs, replacements, installations, tune-ups, and more. Contact us today for the best services in the area. We guarantee the work that we perform and offer free, in-home consultations. Call Tower Energy now to schedule an appointment.

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hvac contractor repairing a furnaceAll homeowners need some furnace repair tips handy to use when needed. For example, homeowners should have the furnace checked and repaired before the cold season begins. The end of summer or early fall is ideal. That way, you will be ready for the first cold snap. Consequently, this is when most furnace failures occur.

During the warm summer months, most people don’t give their heating systems a second thought. Nevertheless, it is better to be prepared than to risk your family’s comfort and safety during the cold months of winter.

Routine, basic checkups help identify potential problems before they come to fruition. Waiting for trouble to strike is not in your best interest. If your furnace worked extra hard during the previous cold season, or if it is an older system, it is even more important to have it checked.

In this article, we will address common signals that your furnace may be in need of repair. We will also be discussing some troubleshooting tips you should be aware of if you think your furnace is not operating properly. Finally, we will share some tips that can help you during a search for a local furnace repair company.

Signals That Your Furnace Needs Repair

The age of your furnace is certainly a factor in determining whether or not it should be checked and repaired as required, but that is not the only reason.

Neglect or damage are also contributing factors that must be considered, even on newer systems.

Here are some signs you should keep in mind when determining if a furnace needs repair.

Uncomfortable Home

If your home is too cold or too hot, even when the thermostat is set at the desired temperature, something is wrong with your furnace. A loose belt, damaged fan motor, clogged filter, worn components, and many other problems can lead to improper functioning.

High Energy Bills

If your furnace is functioning properly, it should reflect on your energy bills. A malfunctioning furnace consumes more energy.

If you cannot explain a spike in use, then it may be the right time to arrange for a licensed HVAC company to send a technician to inspect the unit.

Hot/Cold Spots

man who feels uncomfortable at home with a broken heaterClogged filters, wear and tear, or damage are the typical causes of uneven cooling or heating. Efficiently operating HVAC systems should have the capability of heating or cooling an area evenly. If some areas in your home are colder or warmer than others, its time to have the system checked.

Gas Leak

If you notice the odor of fuel or gas anywhere near your heating unit, turn it off and get in touch with a local HVAC company immediately.

Even a small spark can cause a fire, putting your home and family at risk. Therefore, never allow your furnace to continue operating if you suspect fuel leakage.

Troubleshooting Your Furnace

furnace hvac filterNot all problems with heating systems require a professional HVAC technician’s attention. Honestly, there are several basic fixes and preventive measures that any homeowner can perform to keep their heating system in top running condition. The following are some of the steps you can take to troubleshoot yours.

Common Furnace Repairs That Homeowners Encounter

interior of a broken furnaceIf your furnace fails to function properly, here are some of the possible problems that could be the cause.

When To Decide Between Furnace Repair And A Furnace Replacement

Some furnace problems can be remedied with effective repairs. However, other times the only fix for a broken furnace is a complete replacement. Here’s what to look for when replacement is the best option.

Top Tips To Help Select A Furnace Repair Service Company

Tower Energy Furnace Service AgreementsWhen you find a great HVAC repair company, it feels like winning a big prize. Any time you find a company you can trust to fix things when they go wrong, peace of mind is your reward. Things can go back to normal without concerns about more damage in the future. A trustworthy furnace repair service will reduce the time you spend in an uncomfortable home after a breakdown.

The problem is that it isn’t as easy as it sounds to find a reputable HVAC repair company.

At some point, the majority of people experience what it’s like to have bad service. An HVAC technician may be late for the appointment, or never show up at all. Even worse, they do show up but cause more damage without actually fixing the problem.

Here are a few tips to help you locate a repair company you can trust. By reading below, you will find some pointers to help you find that one of a kind, reputable HVAC service company.

Always Look For A Specialist Heating Company

As you are searching for someone qualified to repair your furnace, be sure that you are looking at the company, not just a furnace repair person. It’s also a good idea to look at companies specializing in heating systems. You will benefit in several ways.

To begin with, the company you go with will have the knowledge and experience needed to work on your furnace. They will also have experience with various models and brands. That means they will know what to expect when inspecting your appliance.

By working with a company instead of just one individual, there will be multiple techs at your service. The benefit here is that when one tech cannot solve the problem, there is another one available who can. It may cost more to hire a reliable company, but it will be well worth the price when you get peace of mind. Additionally, if the repair goes wrong, you won’t be caught having to pay a second time.

HVAC Company: Check The Website And Reviews

couple searching for an hvac-companyYou cannot always trust first impressions. Nevertheless, first impressions are a good place to start. One way to determine if you’ve found the best furnace repair company is the check the company website. You’ll get a general view of what they are about.

If it looks professional with lots of production value, the company looks good. What you don’t want to see is an outdated website with little information. It’s like they’re waving a red flag.

Also, check the reviews to see what customers are saying about them. Do they have a quick response time? Do they seem professional? Are they knowledgeable and friendly? Customer reviews are a great source for answers to these questions. Some reviews will be on the company’s website, but be aware that since the company runs its website, they have full control of what is there.

Real reviews, good and bad, are best found on independent sites. The companies you are investigating have no control over what is said on these sites, so you will find authentic reviews from real customers.

Get In Touch With Heating Repair Company

After finding what seems like a reputable furnace repair company, pick up the phone and give them a call.

By speaking with a live person, you’ll have the opportunity to get a better feel for the values and principals. You can feel confident if the person you speak with sounds knowledgeable and eager to help. If they sound as if they have no real interest in talking with you, then go with your instincts. Hang up and find another company. If you felt valued by the person on the phone, give the company a chance to prove you right.

Give Tower Energy A Call For Furnace Repair

It’s important to hire skilled and highly-qualified technicians to repair your heating unit. This is not a DIY project, so don’t try doing it yourself. A trained technician will understand what is required by your heating system. Finding the right HVAC company ensures quality work.

Tower Energy has a team of NATE certified technicians that can assist you eith your heating and cooling requirements. We specialize in HVAC repairs, tune-ups, replacements, and installations. All of our technicians have the knowledge and experience to service your system correctly. Furthermore, we guarantee our work and offer the most competitive furnace repair rates in this area. Call Tower Energy now to schedule an appointment for a free, in-home estimate.

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