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A do-it-yourself approach to boiler repairs is not the best idea even if you are extremely confident about your skills. Heating equipment is complicated. When you make mistakes, it could be costly. Furthermore, the decision to fix a boiler as an unlicensed HVAC contractor could void the warranty.

If you work on a heating system without the essential know-how and licensing, you might put everyone at risk, including your home. It’s never a good idea to take a risk just to save some cash. You could end up spending more money along the way.

The best thing to do is to hire an experienced and licensed boiler repair technician. To accomplish this properly, you must know how to find a reputable boiler repair company.

Why Is It Important To Find A Reliable Boiler Repair Company?

The reputation of a boiler repair service company should be your most critical consideration. Before you weigh on the other factors, you must look into customer feedback and testimonials. You can learn a lot from the first-hand experience of previous clients and customers. Read online reviews about the company. Be sure to look at the positive and negative HVAC reviews.

You also may want to ask your friends, coworkers, or anyone you trust about prospective boiler repair companies they’ve hired in the past. Recommendations matter, especially if you don’t want to waste your time searching for prospects with no feedback or reviews.

Local Vs. National Boiler Repair Companies

A business’s success is attributed to excellent service to its clients. HVAC repair companies with nationwide coverage employ highly experienced and trained technicians. But the problem is that when you need them to address an issue with your heating system, there’s a long list of things to go through. There’s that corporate red tape that will make the response time very slow, to the point that you’d become very frustrated while waiting for your turn.

On the other hand, you can expect a local HVAC repair company to respond faster than a large national HVAC company. Faster response time is attributed to things like personalized service, local knowledge, and proximity. The primary difference between a small local HVAC company and a large corporation is that the former will prioritize customer service.


Boiler Repair Company History

Once you come up with a list of prospective boiler repair companies, start digging up their histories. You must figure out how long they’ve been in the business. Years or decades of experience in the industry says a lot about the reliability of the company and the people behind it. In other words, their longevity means they’re doing something that customers love.

Boiler Brand Partners

HVAC repair and maintenance companies build partnerships with brands and manufacturers. Doing so allows them to improve the knowledge and technical skills of their team when it comes to servicing their units. Specialized knowledge keeps these companies highly competitive, plus the partnership with the manufacturers of boilers and other heating equipment gives them better access to parts for replacements.

Look for a boiler repair service that has an existing partnership with the brand of your equipment.

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Customer Service

Make sure that the boiler repair company displays a willingness to hear you out. Whenever you have questions, they should be capable and enthusiastic enough to answer all of them. For example, if they missed out on something during the repair, then they should come back and make up for the mistake.

Transparency is a crucial component of customer service. Choose a boiler repair company that has a website where you can obtain their contact details as well as the rates for their different services. A customer service representative must be on standby to get your call and address your needs. You know that you’re dealing with the ideal company when they show the willingness to go the extra mile even for the initial assessment.


There are a handful of dangers associated with malfunctioning heating equipment. So, when you notice that something is wrong with your boiler, be sure to call the pros to handle it on your behalf. Taking the DIY route will make matters worse. But when you’re hiring a boiler repair service, don’t forget to verify if the company is legitimate. Inquire if the business has a license to operate and the proper insurance. Ask if the technicians have their individual licenses, too. These safety measures are your guarantee that when something goes wrong, such as property damage, there’s an insurance policy that covers the cost to repair the damages.

In-Home Estimate Vs. Over The Phone Estimate

The majority of HVAC companies will offer free estimates. However, be wary of those who will give you an over-the-phone estimate. The failure to inspect your heating equipment in person means that the price quotation is highly inaccurate. You should insist on an in-home estimate instead. Once a company gives you the figures, be sure to put it on paper so that you will have the necessary proof once you sign the dotted line.

customer service

Boiler Repair Cost & Second Opinions

It’s best to obtain an estimate from three or four HVAC contractors before you decide. Even if you feel like you’ve found the ideal prospect, you still need to do comparison shopping. Keep in mind that the cost of fixing your heating equipment will differ from one company to another. The purpose of a second opinion is for you to weigh your options and understand which offer is the most reasonable one. The same thing holds true when it comes to the diagnosis and proposed solutions. For instance, one prospect might tell you that several parts need replacement, while another one might say that only one replacement is necessary to get the equipment up and running again.


Fixing a problematic or malfunctioning boiler is the responsibility of a professional. You must put in the effort to hire someone who comes with an excellent reputation, years of experience, and a reasonable price quotation. The company you choose must deliver the best possible customer service and, preferably, a strong partnership with your boiler’s manufacturer. When it comes to safety, the best boiler repair service must check all the boxes, including licensing, insurance, and exceptional safety record. The bottom line is that you must set a high standard.

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Winter brings with it the holidays and other joyous things. Unfortunately, winter also means low temperatures and snow. Not to mention the dry indoor air we have to cope up with as well. It might not seem like a big issue, but dry air can affect your home’s indoor air quality and comfort. It can also affect your health when neglected for too long. Often, homeowners do not take notice of the dry air in your home until after dry air symptoms pop up. In this article, we will talk about dry air, how it affects your home’s air quality, and a few solutions to dry air issues.

Why Is There Dry Indoor Air During The Winter?

A dry air environment is when the level of water vapor in the air is almost non-existent. Water vapor in the air is a natural occurrence. However, changes in the temperature can affect the amount of moisture in the air. If it is cold, then the air won’t be able to retain water vapor. It is no wonder that we experience dry air more during the winter season.
Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor or moisture in the air. The humidity level inside your home will also determine its comfort level. The most common reasons for dry indoor air are:

Insulation Issues

A right balance of water vapor in the air means you maintain the indoor air quality standards in your home. One of the likely reasons for an imbalanced moisture level is that your home does not have proper insulation. Your heater reduces the moisture levels inside your home. However, the balance can be maintained if there is an appropriate level of humidity inside your home. Any holes, gaps, or cracks in your home will pull in the dry air from outside and disrupt the balance.

image of a home's insulation for heat loss

Lost Humidity Is Not Replaced

The moisture inside your home is reduced every time you turn on your heating system. This also occurs whenever you switch on cooling appliances like air conditioners. The air will remain dry if the water vapor that is lost when you turn on your HVAC system is not replaced.

How Dry Indoor Air Affects Your Health & Home

Prolonged exposure to dry indoor air can cause a few issues to both your health and home. A few of the common effects of dry air are:

Respiratory Issues

Dry air constricts your airways. When this happens, you will have difficulty in breathing. This is especially an issue for people who suffer from chronic respiratory problems like asthma. Some of the symptoms include feeling a tightness in the chest, coughing, and shortness of breath.

woman using an inhaler due to poor indoor air quality

Dry Skin And Other Problems

Dry air tends to suck the moisture out of your skin as well. This might lead to skin issues such as itchiness and flaking. Your hair is also affected id there is very little humidity in the air as it can lead to having dry hair that is prone to breakage. People who have the flu may also notice their symptoms worsening if exposed to dry air. They might experience dry, itchy eyes and chills, among other symptoms.

Damage To Wooden Components And Structures

If you find any cracks on the paint or if your wallpaper is peeling off, it might be because of the dry air. Books, musical instruments, paper or wooden sculptures, and paintings can also get damaged by the dry air.

Anything made of wood inside your home is at risk too. Dry air can cause deformity on any wooden surfaces in your home, including doors, furniture, window frames, and floors. It can also make wooden cabinets, doors, and windows difficult to open and close. This is because they tend to dry out when exposed to dry air for long periods.

What Homeowners Can Do To Remove Dry Air

Dry indoor air can be damaging to your health and home. Fortunately, dry indoor air can be preventable. Some of the things you can do to keep the humidity level balanced include:

Fix The Air Drafts

Check around your house for any gaps, holes, and cracks. Use fillers, putty, or foam sealant to fix them. Weatherstripping your doors and windows is also recommended. Make sure that the insulation in your home is intact and sufficient. Otherwise, add more for better insulation.

image of person sealing air drafts

Use A Humidifier

A humidifier adds moisture in the air. It is an essential device for when you need to keep the humidity level balanced inside your home. There are five types of humidifiers, some of which are portable and perfect for single rooms. However, if you want to make sure that your whole home receives the much-needed moisture, consider installing a central humidifier. This ensures that you receive comfort while still being cost-efficient.

Get Your HVAC System Checked

Regular HVAC tune-ups are vital to ensure that your heating equipment works properly for a very long time. It is recommended that you get your HVAC system maintained at least once a year before the winter months arrive. A professional HVAC technician can help you with all your heating and cooling needs, even identifying issues before they turn into larger problems. An HVAC system that is in tiptop shape will prevent indoor air pollution and maintain a home environment that is comfortable and safe for you and your family.


The winter season is a time for joyous occasions. Don’t let the dry air dampen the mood. Dry indoor air can cause quite health and comfort problems for you and your family. However, you do not have to suffer through it as there are many ways to fix it. Taking the right approach into improving your indoor air quality and getting your home winter-ready will go a long way.

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home heating and coolingIf you own equipment of any kind, it will require regular maintenance. An HVAC system is one example of this. Manufacturers design heating and cooling systems to last for a long time. However, they do age and wear down from use. You should schedule regular HVAC maintenance to keep your system running as long as possible. Paying for routine maintenance is easy when compared to paying for an avoidable repair or failure in the future. An excellent way to ensure the optimal performance of your home’s HVAC system is to enter into an HVAC maintenance agreement with your local heating and cooling company.

The HVAC Maintenance Agreement: An Explanation 

Many call an HVAC technician for inspections and tune-ups here and there. However, the best method for making sure your home heating and cooling systems stay at the top of its game is to sign a maintenance agreement for long-term service. These contracts include regular inspections, among other benefits.
When you have a maintenance agreement, you can be more confident in your system’s performance and save money in the long run. Your equipment will be taken care of as necessary. In this article, we discuss some of the perks that you will receive with an HVAC service contract.

You Will Be Reminded of Scheduled HVAC Services

The summer and winter seasons are the busiest times for heating and cooling companies. During these times of the year, they receive the most requests for repairs and tune-ups. Many of the calls are from homeowners who are late in scheduling their seasonal inspections. Many of them are frantic because of an HVAC emergency. Postponing HVAC tune-ups and repairs is never a good idea. Nevertheless, many HVAC customers put it off for too long.

In anticipation of this common issue, HVAC contractors offer a yearly service contract. Scheduled service reminders are a part of this valuable service. You will receive reminders for inspections, cleanings, and tune-ups in the spring and autumn seasons. Because of this, you can feel comfortable knowing that your system is taken care of, right before you need it the most.

An Annual HVAC Maintenance Contract Gives You Priority Service

hvac maintenanceRegular heating and air conditioning maintenance lessen the chances of a breakdown. However, like all machinery, HVAC equipment can break down for other reasons. If this happens, immediate repair is the best way to save money and reduce the length of discomfort from system failures. Those who have a yearly contract have priority over those who have not signed an agreement. The HVAC company treats a call for repairs with urgency and an HVAC contractor will come to fix the problem as soon as possible. This is a great way to prevent paying for emergency service or going without cooling or heating during the peak of the season.

HVAC Service Is Properly Documented

An HVAC company will document and file all maintenance and repair work. All HVAC systems that are under warranty require proof of regular maintenance. If you cannot prove that you are doing everything you can to keep your HVAC system running smoothly, manufacturers may refuse to honor the warranty. Good documentation makes a difference.

Also, when it comes to selling a home, documentation of maintenance work can prove to prospective buyers that the HVAC system has been taken care of, and it running efficiently at the time of sale.

HVAC Systems Last Longer

family spending time indoors in comfortable homeRegular HVAC maintenance ensures that your heating and cooling system will last as long as it is supposed to or even longer. The longer the system lasts, the more time a homeowner has to save for a future replacement. When you neglect HVAC maintenance, these home comfort systems are at risk for frequent problems and needed repairs. Neglected heating and cooling units tend to have short lifespans than those that are well-maintained. Also, neglected systems will end up costing much more for more repairs and unforeseen failures.

Regular Heating & Cooling Maintenance Reduces Energy Costs

Heating and cooling units become less efficient as they age. Wear and tear make it difficult for them to run smoothly, and it takes more energy for them to reach set temperatures. Lower efficiency systems cause higher utility costs. An HVAC maintenance agreement can keep home systems performing efficiently. When less energy is used, monthly utility costs will be much lower.

HVAC Services Are Discounted

Although maintenance agreements come with fees, the service discounts you receive from your agreement can pay for it in the long-term. If you have a heating and cooling maintenance contract, you will receive services and repairs at discount pricing. The discount may cover both the labor and parts. Paying for repairs is never enjoyable, but with a maintenance agreement, the repair costs will be much less than they would be without such a plan in place.

Contact Tower Energy For Home Heating And Cooling Services

Good HVAC companies understand the necessity of regular maintenance. They know that HVAC maintenance agreements are an important part of providing reliable HVAC service to customers. To reap the benefits, consider signing a maintenance agreement with an experienced HVAC company.

Tower Energy is one of the best HVAC companies in the area. We hire experienced technicians that are NATE certified. Some of the services that we offer include tune-ups, installations, repairs, and replacements. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge to work on most makes and models of HVAC equipment. We know how important our services are to our customers, and we make efficiency, comfort, and quality the highest priority.

If you have an interest in a customized HVAC maintenance agreement, you will find one with Tower Energy. We have a variety of plans to match the needs of our customers. If you would like to know more about the ins and outs of an HVAC maintenance agreement for your home, click here or contact us right away. Give us a call and let us show you how an HVAC maintenance agreement can benefit your family.

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gas furnaceOne of the most common complaints about gas furnaces is when the gas furnace ignitor is not working. Learning to identify the problem when the furnace ignitor starts to fail is helpful in ensuring that you fix your gas furnace right away. If you can determine the problem, you will be able to know whether it is simple enough for an easy fix or if you will have to call a professional.

How To Identify Problems With Your Gas Furnace Ignitor

There are different reasons why a gas furnace ignitor will stop working. First, you need to identify the major types of furnace ignition systems to understand how they work. In this article, we discuss gas furnace ignition types, causes for failure, and some furnace troubleshooting tips you can use.

Furnace Ignition System Types

Older furnace systems have a built-in pilot light that stays lit as long as the furnace is on. These systems have gas valves that open up to burners to allow the combustion gas through. If the pilot light stops working, the heater will not turn on.

Newer furnaces have an electronic ignition system. Depending on the model, a gas furnace may run on an intermittent pilot system or a hot surface ignition system.

The intermittent system utilizes sparks to ignite the pilot light. A sensor detects the activity and opens the valve that leads to the burners. The pilot light then ignites the burners. The hot surface ignition type, however, uses electrical power to heat up the area. After the system reaches a specific temperature, gas will flow to the burner and light up the ignitor.

Both systems are designed to be energy-efficient. Once the gas furnace is turned on, the pilot light will be turned off, saving more energy compared to older gas furnaces.

What Happens When Electronic Ignition In A Gas Furnace Fails?

no heat in houseIgnition failure in an electronic gas furnace can be traced to the failure of the electronic ignition. This results in the failure of the burners to ignite.

When burners do not ignite, they cannot produce heat. Sometimes, the ignition is delayed. If this is the case with your burner, listen for a loud bang from the system before ignition. If your gas furnace produces that noise prior to ignition, it may have a delayed ignition issue.

Delayed ignition usually happens when the ignitor turns on many times in succession. As a result, gases will accumulate. Do not ignore this problem because it is a serious safety issue. Call a furnace expert right away.

Why The Gas Furnace Ignitor Stops Working

Ignitors play a key role in starting up the furnace. It is one of the essential components that is used frequently. Over time, it becomes worn down or damaged. When the HVAC technician comes over to check the furnace, he will determine whether the ignitor is worn down and needs a replacement. Usually, the technician will remove the service panel of the furnace, inspect for any damage, remove the ignitor wires, and then use a multimeter to test the ignitor.

Here are some of the most common reasons why the ignitor fails.

How To Troubleshoot Your Furnace Ignitor

hvac contractor repairing a furnaceAnyone can and should learn basic troubleshooting. Having a good understanding of how your furnace works will help you take better care of it. Here are tips you can use.

When To Call A Professional HVAC Contractor

There are times when your heating system will fail due to more serious reasons. Should this happen, seek professional help right away. A professional HVAC contractor can diagnose the problem and provide the correct solution. To work in the industry, HVAC technicians are required to acquire the right training and skills to perform their job safely and correctly. When you have a professional to back you up, you know that your home will be safe and comfortable.

Avoid doing DIY furnace repairs as much as possible. Simple troubleshooting techniques are not intensive approaches. If there are damaged components that are malfunctioning, you may not have the correct training to repair it yourself. Tinkering with a heating system you do not completely understand will be dangerous and could damage your unit further. As a result, you will spend more on repairs and put your life and property at risk. If your gas furnace will not respond to simple troubleshooting or if you do not understand what the problem is, call your HVAC company right away.


Problems with the ignitor furnace are often too complicated for a simple troubleshoot or DIY replacement. The whole point of ensuring that you understand how your unit works is for you to identify problems early and have the furnace inspected by a professional when necessary to avoid further damage.

If your furnace has been showing some signs of problems with its ignition, have it checked right away by a professional. The earlier that you resolve the problem, the better the chances that the problem doesn’t escalate, costing you more in repairs.

How Tower Energy Can Help You With Your Heating Needs

Tower Energy is one of the industry leaders in heating and cooling services. Our technicians are NATE-certified and highly skilled in a range of services. We specialize in HVAC repairs, installations, replacements, tune-ups, and more. We guarantee all of the work that we perform for you. Also, we off some of the most competitive prices in the area. Don’t leave anything to chance. Call Tower Energy today and schedule a free, in-home estimate.

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