image of a homeowner replacing an hvac air filter to improve indoor air quality

Indoor air might look like it’s fresh and clean, but, if you look closely, it may have tiny particles mixed in with it. You might’ve noticed this in direct sunlight. These particulates are only micrometers in size, so they can go inside narrow entrances easily. We breathe these particles without noticing, and they go deep into our lungs. Unfortunately, these pollutants can cause your health to deteriorate.

The HVAC air filters in your heating and air conditioning system can help improve your indoor air quality. These air filters block the particulate matter from entering your home and the air that you breathe. However, they might not work as they should. This article will discuss the different reasons your HVAC filter is not improving your indoor air quality.

7 Reasons Your Filter Isn’t Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

Your home’s HVAC filter might be underperforming due to the following:

1. No HVAC Filter

image of an hvac air filter

Did you recently move? If so, the HVAC system is most likely in tiptop shape, and all the parts are accounted for. However, you might also have noted that there are excess dust and other particulates in the air. Check if the filters are in place in the HVAC unit. The previous homeowner might have forgotten to put the filter in. Without a filter, the contaminants pass through easily. This will lead to a lot of dust and dirt accumulation in your system’s coils, ducts, blowers, and home.

2. Incorrect HVAC Filter Installation

Having an HVAC filter alone is not enough to improve your indoor air quality if it is not installed correctly. Consequently, your high-quality air filter will not work as effectively. A small opening is enough for the particulates to go around the air filter. Therefore, despite having an air filter in place, the indoor air quality will still suffer. You can replace it as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. However, your home’s air quality will not improve unless you do something about installing the air filter properly. Contact your trusted HVAC technician to help you fix this issue.

3. Insufficient HVAC Unit Runtime

image of a gas furnace

Filters are static installations. Therefore, air needs to flow from one side to the other for it to work as it should. The HVAC system needs to have enough runtime to force an adequate amount of air through the filters.

An HVAC system that is too large can short cycle. This means that it reaches the set temperature quicker, so the system switches off immediately. The HVAC system does not run long enough for the filter to do its job correctly. Ensure that a professional HVAC technician installs the correct HVAC size for your home. Check the fan settings of your thermostat as well. Make sure that it is “ON” instead of “AUTO” so that it runs longer. If you are not satisfied with this, try a standalone air filter. Discuss your issues with an expert so you can further improve your indoor air quality.

4. Insufficient HVAC Airflow

Sometimes, your HVAC runs sufficiently, but there isn’t enough airflow. As a result, the filtration volume decreases. This issue is usually caused by undersized return ducts and dirty air filters. The latter happens when homeowners do not subscribe to a regular HVAC filter replacement schedule. Air cannot pass through easily if the filter is clogged. When this happens, airflow will decrease and air pressure will increase. System efficiency will also be affected negatively. Make sure to change the filters frequently so that it can do its job properly.

5. Low MERV Rating

The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, or MERV, is the filter’s ability to capture particles. The higher the rating, the better it can trap certain types of particles. Therefore, you must pay attention to what MERV rating your filter has. Those with low ratings might be cheaper, but it also means that they are not as effective as those with higher MERV ratings. Consider this the next time you are buying filters. It is worth investing in filters with high ratings if it means you and your family breathe cleaner air when indoors.

6. Failure To Filter Outdoor Air For Mechanical Ventilation

HVAC systems will only work at its best if they are installed correctly. It won’t matter if you have a good HVAC brand if the installers make an installation mistake. For instance, the outdoor air duct might have been connected to the system’s return side. This bypasses the air filter. This mistake does not happen often, but it doesn’t mean it can’t happen to you. A highly trained and experienced technician can fix this problem immediately.

7. Incorrect Filter Placement

It is essential to know how your HVAC unit works and how the air flows. This way, you can determine the correct place to put your air filter. Incorrect or sub-optimal filter placement will lead to poor performance. This might seem like a little thing, but even the best HVAC make and model can underperform when it is in the wrong location.


The air filter is essential in achieving high indoor air quality. If you notice frequent respiratory issues like coughs and sneezes in your family, you might want to look into the air filter of your HVAC unit. It might have one or more of the problems listed above. Prevent any issues by hiring a reliable HVAC contractor to assist you. Make sure that your system receives regular checks and maintenance as well so that you breathe in clean indoor air at all times.

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image of a cat and dog on couch with dander and indoor air quality

Having a pet can help improve your life quality. Canine and feline friends give socialization and comfort to many people around the world. There is no doubt that caring for a pet can be a therapeutic and rewarding endeavor. However, the indoor air quality in your home can suffer when you have furry animals in your home.

In this article, we share some simple tips you can do to improve indoor air quality. These tips will also help you prevent the air quality issues that come with owning a pet. This way, you can ensure that your living environment becomes a comfortable and safe space that everyone in your household can enjoy.

Why You Should Think About Your IAQ When You Have A Pet

A building’s indoor air quality is affected by many different things. For example, you might have an enclosed space that utilizes a central AC. Using a lot of spray cleaners to clean around this close area will severely affect the air you breathe in. Having pets at home works with the same principle. Instead of harmful chemicals, airborne particles like fur and animal dander will be circulated throughout your home. Unfortunately, these can block your HVAC system and affect its overall efficiency and effectiveness. It is, therefore, vital that pet parents work harder than those who do not have pets to achieve clean and breathable indoor air.

Some of the adverse effects that airborne particulates from your pets can have include aggravating any existing respiratory illnesses or pet allergies. Excess animal dander in the air can further damage the lungs of an individual who is suffering from asthma or COPD. When you work hard to keep the air clean, you not only protect your family. You safeguard your guests as well.

The First Step To High Indoor Air Quality Is Superior HVAC Filtration

homeowner changing out his hvac air filter

One of the best ways pet owners can do to enhance their home’s air quality is to make sure that your HVAC system is equipped with excellent air filtration. Air filters trap small particles that would otherwise be circulated and inhaled by the occupants of your home. It is vital that you routinely check, clean, or replace the air filters. A dirty air filter means that the accumulated debris is re-circulated throughout your home. It won’t be able to work as effectively as well.

A clogged air filter can also lead to your HVAC system not working as it should. Even worse, it can lead to a breakdown. If you have one or more pets at home, your HVAC air filter likely needs to be replaced at least once every 30 to 45 days. It is recommended that you conduct frequent checks and assessments to determine when you need to replace your HVAC air filter.

Make Sure Your Pet Receives Regular Grooming

pet grooming for better indoor air quality

It is vital that your pet receive regular grooming. Brush your dog or cat’s fur to lessen shedding. It would help if you also cleaned out kennels, litter boxes, and other areas that your animal uses. This way, your lungs do not need to fight off as many particulates as there are less visible pet messes. It is also recommended that you use a high-power vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter. Even if you don’t have carpets, you can utilize the vacuum on surfaces like drapes, rugs, and couches. These areas are notorious for collecting hairs, pet dander, and other allergens.

Use UV Lights And Dehumidifiers For Optimum Indoor Air Quality

image of a woman enjoying clean indoor air at home

You can also use UV lighting to purify and cleanse the air inside your home. Our pets can carry germs that can be transmitted to the surfaces around our house. Even a quick walk outside can result in your pet’s paw being covered in potentially harmful microorganisms. These can them transfer to everything your pet walks on, multiply, and be airborne.

UV lights can help kill bacteria, mold spores, and other contaminants before they spread around your house. An HVAC technician can install them into your ducts or near your unit’s evaporator coil. Since they are placed outside of your living space, rest assured that UV lights will not directly affect all human or animal residents in your house.

High humidity in your home should also be addressed immediately. Keep in mind that the excess moisture in the air creates the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria to grow. A few signs that your home is suffering from high humidity include water stains on your walls and ceilings and fogged up windows. A whole-house dehumidifier will work in tandem with your HVAC system to better control the moisture in your home. You should also consult with your local, trusted HVAC contractor about installing a whole-house air purifier in your home.

Why Regular HVAC Ductwork Inspections Are Essential

You must also be proactive in having your ductwork regularly inspected. The network of ducts inside your home is also notorious for being a breeding ground for mold. It is also where a lot of the dust, dander, and other pollutants congregate. When parts of the duct are damaged, it can significantly hamper the overall efficiency and operations of your HVAC unit. It can lead to a myriad of problems, such as high levels of humidity. Making sure that your ductwork is routinely inspected will not only improve your IAQ. It will also safeguard your health and well-being.

HVAC System Maintenance To Ensure High Efficiency

Along with ductwork inspections, ensure that your HVAC system receives proper and regular maintenance as well. These thorough checks and tune-up services can help extend the lifespan of your HVAC equipment, so make sure they are done at least once a year. HVAC maintenance can also make sure that you get the most out of your system. It will also help keep the temperature and humidity control at optimum functionality. When you have a well-maintained HVAC unit and an excellent filtration system, you can be sure that your home will have high indoor air quality even as you share your home with your beloved pets.

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Spring is the perfect time to get your home ready for the upcoming seasons. Your HVAC system should be one of your top priorities to ensure that it can provide you with your heating and cooling needs in the months ahead. This way, you maintain excellent home comfort quality. You ensure that the unit won’t suddenly give out in the middle of the night and that you breathe in fresh and clean air at all times.

A lot of homeowners wait until the last minute to check their HVAC unit. It is only then that they realize that their system might need repairs. Ensure that your system is in tiptop shape as early as possible, so you do not have to deal with any sudden hassle of getting your HVAC unit fixed. Therefore, you should have some spring HVAC tips on hand to avoid an emergency HVAC situation like this.

Essential Maintenance Tips For HVAC Systems In The Spring

Get an early start with your heating and cooling maintenance using this spring HVAC checklist we have prepared for you:

Schedule Your HVAC System Maintenance

air conditioner maintenance

It is recommended that you get your HVAC system inspected and maintained by a certified and licensed technician at least once a year. There are some HVAC maintenance tasks that you can do yourself. However, a professional has extensive knowledge and years of experience to check and repair the parts of the unit many homeowners may not know anything about, such as the refrigerant. It is best to leave an HVAC tune-up with your trusted HVAC technician.

Professional maintenance includes whole system cleaning, identification and immediate repair of any developing problems, and determining how much longer your system will last. If you have an old and inefficient system, a professional can help you find a better-suited heating and cooling unit that fits within your budget. The HVAC replacement unit will help you have a more cost-effective household, and lessen your carbon footprint. It will also let you have better climate control to suit your home needs, and ensure that you don’t have to go through any expensive, age-related problems.

A system that is under warranty may also require annual HVAC maintenance so that the warranty terms remain intact. Some manufacturers require that you schedule adequate cooling tune-ups and furnace system repairs, to name a few. Make sure to read the terms and conditions included carefully so that you do not break this agreement.

Clean Or Replace The HVAC Air Filter

replacing HVAC filter

A few of the easiest but definitely vital maintenance requirements do not need a licensed technician. This includes cleaning or replacing the air filter when it is dirty. This will ensure that the system efficiency works at an optimum level. The filter is responsible for blocking out any dust, dirt, and other contaminants from circulating throughout your home. It will also help lower your energy costs and ensure that you get fresh and clean air at all times. Therefore, routine air filter cleaning or replacement is a must.

Clean All Supply Vents And Registers

Cleaning the air vents and registers will ensure that you receive high indoor air quality as well.

This is because the supply vents and registers are known places to accumulate dirt, dust, lint, and other particulates. Many homeowners tend to overlook the supply vents and registers when conducting their spring cleaning. These areas might be difficult to reach, and it might be hard to clean on your own. If this is the case, then let your HVAC contractor take care of it for you.

Remove Any Condenser Covers And Clean Around The Unit

Remove the condenser cover and conduct a thorough cleaning around it. Make sure that you check the condenser carefully to see if there are any weather-related wear-and-tears. You should also look if there are any trapped debris and other obstructions on the condenser’s exterior. You should also cut off any shrubs or branches from nearby trees that have grown close to the condenser unit. Doing these will ensure that your system is performing in tiptop shape.

Test The Thermostat

thermostat and comfort control

Check your thermostat to ensure that it is performing as it should. There shouldn’t be any cold or heat sources in the surrounding area of the thermostat. Otherwise, this could influence the temperature readings. Check the numbers on the thermostat at the beginning of every heating and cooling cycle. This will help you determine if calibration is necessary. You should also assess your unique home comfort needs to determine if a programmable or smart thermostat should be installed.

Switch On The Air Conditioning System

Do not wait for the arrival of the summer months to make sure that your air conditioning system works. Switch your AC on to determine if it can provide you with adequate comfort. This will let you know if it is giving off any dusty smells or if it has sufficient cooling power. If not, go over the earlier tune-up steps once again to ensure that each done was done correctly. If you notice any issues, call an HVAC contractor immediately.


A comfortable home in the summer means you receive adequate cold air from your HVAC system. Make sure that your system works before the summer months begin. This way, you do not experience the discomfort and hassle of having no heat in the middle of the hot summer season. Book an appointment with your local trusted HVAC technician to conduct a complete and thorough AC maintenance check. Replace the filter, check your thermostat, and inspect your unit. Catching these HVAC issues early means you can resolve them before they escalate into more significant problems.

Therefore, by following the above steps, you maintain a cool and comfortable home throughout the spring and summer seasons.

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Tower Energy offers the most competitive HVAC service rates in the area. If you have an outdated system in your hands, then we can recommend a suitable replacement that is within your budget. With us on the job, we will ensure that you have the comfort, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality you deserve. Your satisfaction is always our priority. For a free, in-home consultation, schedule an appointment with our representative today.

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Person replacing the HVAC air filter

The most severe months of winter have passed, and the warm weather is about to take over as we await the spring. It usually means that the furnace will get its much-deserved rest. The mild incoming temperature gives you the best chance to work on your HVAC equipment without a harsh environment. If you’re one of those property owners who intend to end the winter on a positive note, you may find these end of winter HVAC tips helpful.

1 – Inspect The HVAC Filter

A handful of heating and cooling issues originate from the air filters. When your HVAC filters get too dirty, they cease to function the way they should. The dirt and other debris that clog the filters will prevent the air from getting in. This forces the system to work harder to maintain comfortable temperatures. What you probably do not know is that a dirty filter means that the equipment will consume more energy.

Because the months of January and February are usually the coldest, the furnace is more likely to overwork just to generate enough heat. You must check your furnace filter and get rid of the debris that clogs it. You may also want to consider replacing it.

2 – Consider An HVAC Upgrade

We’re right in the middle of winter, so you probably don’t think about the prospect of upgrading your unit. Many homeowners choose to wait it out until the temperatures reach a point when they no longer need the HVAC system for an extended period. The issue with this line of thinking is that you’re wasting a lot of time, plus you’re putting your family at risk of discomfort for several months. It can also increase your energy consumption because you keep on using broken or malfunctioning equipment. You prevent that from happening if you respond to any issues with immediateness. Homeowners should replace a malfunctioning heater as soon as possible.

hvac ductwork

3 – Inspect The HVAC Ductwork

The air filters usually get clogged with dirt, but they’re not the only components that get dirty within the HVAC system. All sorts of debris will find their way to the ducts, eventually building up when you don’t perform regular cleaning and maintenance. When there’s a clog in the ductwork, it will overwork your system. A badly overworked system results in poor indoor air quality and could put everyone at risk of getting sick. Your ducts must be inspected and cleaned periodically, but you don’t have to do it yourself. Professional HVAC maintenance and repair companies can do the hard work on your behalf.

furnace tune-up

4 – Schedule An HVAC Maintenance

It’s never a smart decision to wait for the winter to pass by before you act. HVAC maintenance does not factor in the season or weather. Whenever you notice something is wrong, then you should respond accordingly. Many homeowners who perform spring cleaning will grab the chance to incorporate the HVAC system. If you act fast, you may be able to secure an early spring slot and eventually get the maintenance work done before the start of the mad rush. You want your air conditioner to be in tiptop condition as well right before the summer begins.

5 – Consider Upgrading Your Thermostat

If you aren’t prepared to replace your equipment, you at least should consider upgrading some of the essential system components, most notably the thermostat. You’d be surprised at the available options out there. Thermostat technology has gone a long way, with some models offering advanced features meant for convenience and efficiency. You should focus on getting a programmable thermostat that automatically adjusts the temperature according to your preferences at certain times of the day.

6 – Address Drafty Windows To Reduce Energy Loss

The presence of drafty windows at home causes air to escape. With the energy loss, your heating and cooling system will have to work harder to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. But those gaps on the doors and windows will eventually take their toll on your equipment. The easiest solution is to look for these gaps and seal them. If you find it hard to locate all gaps, then you probably would benefit from hiring an HVAC technician to help you.

7 – Clean The Outdoor Unit

Since the outdoor unit is exposed to the weather elements, you expect it to collect various debris, including but not limited to salt residues from the rain, gunk, dirt, stale water, and even dead insects. Those things can interfere with the normal function of the outdoor unit. So, if you don’t want to compromise its performance, be sure to clean it periodically.


The fact that the seasons change in a predictable manner means that you should use it to your advantage. Always think ahead and respond to what your HVAC system needs. The goal is to prevent the likelihood of an unnecessary repair and a total breakdown. Performing regular cleaning and maintenance also corresponds to longer service life and improved efficiency. There’s always the option of hiring an HVAC company to schedule your system maintenance.

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