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The quality of the furnace installation is equally as important as the quality of the equipment that is installed. For this reason, HVAC experts will always advise homeowners to hire a professional when they need a furnace installation in their home. An improper furnace installation will impact the efficiency, performance, and safety of a unit. Hiring a professional is just a great approach to avoiding major furnace problems in the future. In the following article, we highlight the importance of proper furnace installation.

Why A Manual J Load Calculation Is Essential When Performing A Furnace Installation

The first step for furnace installation should always include a licensed HVAC technician and a Manual J Load Calculation. Your HVAC installer will use this to determine the capacity and size of the furnace needed.

What Is A Manual J Load Calculation?

A Manual J Load Calculation is used when calculating the heating and cooling capacities of an HVAC system. There are specific factors to this calculation that take into account many aspects of your home. These include measurements such as walls, square footage, and ceiling height. Insulation and the position of your home is also a factor.

The calculation will determine which HVAC system is right for your dwelling. The capacity is usually measured in tons and British Thermal Units (BTUs).

Each home is unique, and the calculation must take into account not only the structure and design but the materials used as well as the residents. A correctly sized and fitted HVAC unit should be capable of maintaining an even indoor temperature when providing heat.

If the system is not suitably sized for the residence, it will not work correctly. This could lead to inadequate heat supply and an overworked furnace. Even if you purchased a unit with a high-efficiency rating, your over or undersized unit will not run efficiently. The inefficiency of your heating system leads to higher fuel consumption, higher home heating costs, increased wear and tear, and premature replacement.

Until it reaches the end of its lifespan, the occupants will feel discomfort and experience poor indoor air quality as well. Therefore, correctly sizing your unit is paramount.

Safety Issues That Occur With An Improperly Installed Furnace

There are also many safety issues surrounding an improperly installed heating system. Below are some of the more serious problems that can occur when a furnace is not installed correctly:

Gas Leaks

Poorly connected systems can leave gaps in the joints, which could potentially cause a gas leak. Such a leak is a serious matter as it is combustible and extremely harmful to the health of both humans and animals.

Electrical Issues

Another serious problem with incorrectly installed units is faulty wiring. Not only can wiring problems drain power, but they can also increase the risk of fire in the home. Issues with the electrics can also decrease efficiency, meaning more expense for the bill payer.

Discomfort In The Home From Poorly Installed Heating Systems

Another issue that arises when an HVAC system is not correctly installed is discomfort for the occupants. When the unit is not functioning as needed, it can lead to the following problems:

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Your HVAC system can have an adverse effect on air quality when installed incorrectly. If the drain system that your HVAC system has is incorrectly set in place, then this can lead to a water leak and structural damage to your home. Also, the accumulation of moisture can result in the growth of mold and mildew, affecting the quality of the air that you breathe.

Air Distribution Problems

Faulty installation of a furnace can affect the duct system, leading to poor air distribution. This occurs when the capacity of the output does not equal the duct size. This issue leads to uneven temperature throughout the house. It will also increase the inefficiency of the entire system.

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Hot and Cold Spots In The Home

The problems created by poor air distribution are responsible for creating hot and cold spots in the home, which in turn will lead to discomfort for the occupants.

Issues With Venting Of The Furnace

Your HVAC system relies on being correctly vented. The wrong fitting size or material will create problems that become quickly evident. A furnace that has venting issues releases carbon monoxide, a fatal gas that is both odorless and colorless.

Choosing A Professional HVAC Contractor For Your Furnace Installation

To ensure a proper furnace installation, it is important to choose a licensed and experienced HVAC company. Choose a local heating company with a good reputation.
The HVAC company you choose should have the following qualifications:

HVAC Industry Certifications & NATE

NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certification is granted to technicians who have passed the core and specialty tests they provide. They are an independent body that utilizes a knowledge-based exam to certify the credentials of professionals working in the installation industry for heating and cooling systems. Always look for NATE certified technicians when choosing an HVAC installation company. NATE is a sign of competence in the HVAC industry.

Licensed And Bonded HVAC Contractors

Licensed technicians who are qualified to perform their jobs are knowledgeable and trained and will provide competent work once hired.
A bonded HVAC contractor provides a surety bond, which is a form of insurance that covers both the technician and the clients should the need arise.

HVAC Contractor Reviews

It is advisable that you request references from your potential HVAC installer. A reliable company will have no issue providing these and will have them readily available on request. Also, be sure to check their website. Many reputable HVAC companies enable customers to post reviews about the work the company has performed for them.


The proper installation of your home heating system is vitally important for the many reasons noted above. Not only will it ensure the safety and comfort of the household, but it will reduce unnecessary costs in the future.

Many companies offer heating services. Choose one that you can trust. A quality installation by a trained professional will ensure future comfort for your home and family. It will reduce the likelihood of needing a premature replacement or frequent repairs, which can be costly over time. Overall, don’t just choose a furnace make and model wisely. Choose your furnace installation company wisely too.

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Furnaces are designed and built in a way that enables them to last for many years. But if overused, abused, and neglected, these tough machines wear down. The last thing you would want during the cold months of winter is to deal with a furnace that is unreliable and failing. Even though your furnace has been built to last for well over a decade, it can wear down prematurely due to improper usage. Regardless of how long it takes, this system will eventually breakdown. But before this happens, HVAC repairs increase, furnace efficiency goes down, and home heating costs go up. Therefore, you need to know how to properly maintain your furnace to continue enjoying years of indoor comfort.

How You Are Overworking Your Furnace

Most people fail to notice early signs and symptoms of furnace problems until they show up. You will be surprised to know that many homeowners contribute to the problems as well, without even knowing it. Today, we will be outlining six of the ways that homeowners stress and overwork their heating systems.

Not Turning Your Thermostat Down When You Leave

It’s a common practice for homeowners to keep their thermostat at the same temperature even when there is no one at home for an extended period. We discourage this. Doing this forces the heating system to work to keep an empty house at a comfortable temperature. Consequently, this places more wear and tear on your furnace and escalates your home heating costs.
Using a programmable thermostat will help you avoid this. With this thermostat, you can set a specific temperature for when no one is at home. However, do not worry if you do not have a programmable thermostat. What you can do is simply turning down the device manually before leaving for the day or at night, when you are warm in bed.

Letting Cold Air In The House

If you are used to leaving your doors and windows open, even just a crack, you are letting the cold air in. You will notice this during days where you notice a cold draft indoors. To remedy this, check and confirm that all your windows and doors are closed and locked. Also, learn how to find air drafts in your house. Examples include gaps, holes, and cracks around windows and doors. These inlets let in cold air, therefore, causing the drafts. Your heating system has to compensate for the cold air. Therefore, fix any drafts to avoid this issue.

Cranking The Thermostat When You’re Cold

It isn’t necessary to increase the temperature of your thermostat to warm your home more quickly. Instead, confirm if the temperature is already set to your ideal level. Do not try to increase it if it is at the right temperature setting. Increasing it does not warm your home faster, but only overworks your heating unit.

Blocking HVAC Air Vents With Furniture Or Other Objects

Some people place furniture, curtains, and other items over their air vents, therefore, unknowingly blocking them. These items block airflow and affect your furnace’s ability to distribute warm air evenly around the house. Some homeowners also put beds over vents believing that the air will warm their sheets and keep them toasty. Though this might work, it will hinder the proper flow of warm air. It also strains your system, causing unnecessary wear and tear. The same holds true for homeowners who close air vents to unused rooms. Keep your air vents open in all of the rooms to ensure proper airflow and avoid wear and tear.

Skipping Annual Furnace Maintenance

Heating systems need to be maintained regularly. This means that you must schedule for maintenance and checkups at least once a year. Potential problems are identified early enough before they turn into major issues. An HVAC technician also has the opportunity to fix them right away before they have a chance to escalate. If you haven’t scheduled one yet, contact your local HVAC contractor. You will benefit from reduced energy costs, and your system will continue to operate efficiently.
Also, remember to change your furnace filter regularly. A good number of homeowners are guilty of not doing this, and as a result, the furnace is overworked, and it ends up wearing down. Conduct filter checks monthly and ensure it is clean and in good working condition.

Opting For The Cheapest Furnace Replacement

Age affects furnaces negatively by making them less efficient. An aging unit will eventually give in to wear-and-tear, therefore, fail to function the way it used to when it was still new. As time goes by, this furnace will need a replacement.
You will notice a whole lot of difference in terms of the indoor air quality, comfort of your home, and your energy costs with a new, energy-efficient furnace. However, do not be tempted to replace your aging furnace with the cheapest option available. Remember that your furnace is a major investment, and price matters when it comes to a furnace replacement. The cheapest alternative won’t perform as well as a reasonably priced one.

3 Signs Your Heating System Is Overworked

Increased Home Heating Costs

It not unusual to receive high utility bills in the winter season. However, you should be concerned if the increase seems higher than usual. This is a sign that there might be a problem with your furnace. Several factors can cause your unit to consume more energy. Check your air filters and, if necessary, replace them. However, if you check and see that everything seems okay with your filters, call an HVAC contractor and have them identify the issue.

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Uneven Temperature

One of the signs that your furnace system might not be running correctly is uneven temperatures. This is exhibited by cold and hot spots throughout the house or from one room to the next. Your system might be overworked and unable to warm your home efficiently. Contact a furnace expert to offer a solution.

Frequent Furnace Repairs

If your furnace requires more repairs than normal, it is likely because it is overworked. An overworked furnace will wear out prematurely. You will need to replace the furnace earlier than you had planned to.

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