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Summer is here, making it a challenge for some homes to maintain a cool environment. They might not have air conditioning, or their homes are equipped with old AC units. Therefore, these homes feel unbearable discomfort. If they have window air conditioners or an old central AC, they also have to face huge cooling bills. Homeowners who experience less than ideal cooling should consider installing a central air conditioning system in their homes. Unfortunately, many misconceptions still surround this type of cooling option.

Common Misinformation About Central AC Systems

This article will help dispel some of the misinformation about central air conditioning systems. It also includes valid air conditioning facts so that you can make informed decisions about which is the best cooling option for your home.

Myth #1: Installing An Air Conditioner Needs Significant Remodeling

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Many people do not bother with installing a central air conditioner because they think it requires expensive remodeling for the installation. Old homes might not be fitted with the ductwork needed for a central AC to operate. Therefore, remodeling is required to install ducts, and this can affect a home’s structural integrity. This can disrupt the day-to-day activities of the household.

Although installing ductwork was indeed necessary for central air conditioners to work, it is no longer needed today. Modern central ACs have smaller ducts and high-power circulators that are easier to install in your home.

Myth #2: Central Air Conditioning Is Expensive To Run

Central air conditioning is not an expensive way to cool your home. It consumes almost the same amount of power for the same coverage space. This myth is due to leaky ducts. Older units tend to have this issue because holes develop as the ductwork ages. These are not easy to find unless the air conditioner receives regular professional tune-ups.

Newly installed units with mini ducts are less prone to develop holes because they have enhanced design and construction. Therefore, they are more reliable, highly efficient, and have low operational costs.

Myth #3: Central Air Conditioners Are Noisy

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Central air conditioners have a reputation for being noisy. However, this is not true. Some homeowners might be basing this on their experiences or from hearsay. This is a problem that plagues older models.

Central ACs have come a long way and have found solutions for some of its common issues, including the noise problem. Although old central air conditioners might emit loud sounds during operation, this is not the case anymore. Modern models have built-in soundproofing, so they barely produce any sound. You can sleep soundly at night without any noise from your air conditioner.

Myth #4: Every Cooling System Performs The Same Way

Choosing a cooling system replacement should be a well-thought-out process. Not all systems are the same, so do not just pick blindly. One model might be highly efficient and consume less power. The other might be better when it comes to dehumidifying your home. After all, air conditioners do more than just cool our homes. They also remove excess moisture in the air through condensation, making our home colder and more comfortable.

Myth #5: Parts Of The Air Conditioner Tend To Ruin The Home’s Aesthetics

A home’s aesthetics is an essential part of a home. Therefore, homeowners will do a lot to make sure the interior design remains intact. Many people think that central ACs can ruin this, so they disregard them as a cooling option. However, a competent expert who specializes in air conditioner installations will make the central AC nearly invisible. Outlets can also be placed in a way that they don’t draw attention. This way, they do not clash with your home’s aesthetic while keeping your home cool in the background.

Myth #6: Central HVAC Systems Cannot Both Heat And Cool Your Home

Centralized HVAC systems used to only be able to do one thing. It might be able to cool your home but not keep it warm, and vice versa. This means that two separate systems are needed, with one having to be idle for the seasons it is not in use. Fortunately, this is not the case anymore.

Central HVAC units can now heat and cool your home. You only need one unit to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. Moreover, dual-purpose units are easier to operate and have a cheaper and faster installation process. They are also easier to operate and are highly efficient.


As evidenced in this article, prevailing air conditioner misconceptions are not always true. Technological advances have ensured that these old AC issues are a thing of the past. Learn more about the newest AC models by consulting your local, trusted HVAC supplier.

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