We heavily depend upon our residential boiler during the winter season for warmth. However, what should you do when this trusty equipment begins showing signs of trouble? When do you opt for a boiler repair or replacement? In this article, we discuss the best ways to approach this decision.

Problems You May Encounter With Your Residential Boiler

The Boiler Turns Itself Off

If your boiler turns off by itself, it can be an indicator of several problems. Some of these include a problematic thermostat, a faulty pump, low air pressure, low water pressure, or a condensate pipe that is frozen.

The Pilot Lights Goes Out

Damaged boiler-seals or a faulty thermocouple could be reasons for the pilot lights switching off frequently. You should not attempt fixing the hitch. Instead, you ought to call certified HVAC Company professionals right away.

Leaking Boiler

A boiler will leak if it has a loose connection or some damaged components. For safety, you should call the HVAC contractor to repair it.

Low Boiler Pressure

Boilers operating as a pressurized system may begin falling when there is an issue with the expansion vessel or if there is a water leak. It is always safer to call the HVAC company to fix the problem rather than falling for the temptation of fixing the issue using the manufacturer’s instruction manual.

When Is The Ideal Time For A Boiler Replacement?

The following are points highlighting when to repair and when to replace your boiler.

Your Boiler Is Old

An old boiler has to work even harder to sustainably-heat your home. The average lifespan of your boiler should be fifteen years. When this period has been attained or slightly exceeded, you will begin detecting signs of wear-and-tear.

Reduced Boiler Efficiency

When you neglect an old and damaged boiler, its performance will be less efficient. This means its work will have to be twice as hard to deliver heat to your house. In the end, the cost of energy will be higher for you than it would be if you purchase a new boiler.

Cold/Hot Spots Throughout The Home

Trapped air or the build-up of sludge in the radiator can be a cause for hot and cold spots throughout your home. The unequal distribution of heat leads to discomfort.

Unusual Boiler Noises

Your boiler should not make noises such as banging, gurgling, or whistling. If your residential boiler is noisy, unusually, you must contact a reliable boiler service to diagnose it correctly.

Frequent Heating Repairs

You should replace the old boiler if you ever find out that the cost of repair is half or more than the price of getting a new one installed. Furthermore, you also need to plan for a new boiler if the repairs you carry out in a year add up to two or more. You need to prudently-invest your hard-earned money on more modern and better units than dumping it on a boiler, which is ultimately on its last leg.

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Benefits Of A Boiler Replacement

You ought to look at the benefits you get from upgrading to a new boiler if you are ever contemplating between a boiler replacement and a boiler repair.

Aspects Homeowners Ought To Consider When Purchasing A New Boiler

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What Are The Differences Between Standard-Efficiency And High-Efficiency Boilers?

Boiler efficiency, or AFUE,  is the total amount of heat a unit produces as compared to the amount of fuel it uses to produce this heat. High-efficiency boilers will cool gases for the steam produced to condense and turn back into liquid form. This results in more retention and production of heat.

A standard-efficiency type of boiler will lose 20% of the heat it produces, meaning more energy is necessary by the unit for it to effectively-warm your house.

Highly-efficient boiler options can cost a little more initially. However, it is worth the investment, as they eventually pay up for the initial cost via reduced energy costs.

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Selecting a suitable type of boiler which is efficient will ensure you acquire your desired-comfort and as well save a lot on energy costs. It is vital that you weigh out all of your options to choose wisely concerning this vital equipment for your home.

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