ceiling fan and air conditionerA ceiling fan uses convection to cool the temperature by moving the air. When air moves, it cools your skin by increasing the rate of evaporation, thus removing heat from your body. This effect can be so strong that you will feel much cooler even though the air temperature has not changed.

As a matter of fact, the fan motor may even cause the air temperature in your home to rise. This aspect is due to the friction of the moving parts. In the winter, a ceiling fan can make your home warmer by improving the flow of warm air in the rooms. Warm air rises, and a ceiling fan can cause it to move back down to the living area.

Energy Efficient Homes Berlin CT: Ceiling Fans Can Keep Your Home Cool

A ceiling fan can work with your air conditioner, or it can work independently to keep you cool. The cool air is circulated through the room, and the moving air will cool your skin by increasing evaporation. You must, however, operate the fan correctly to achieve the desired result.

The blades of the fan must be pushing the air in the downward direction. When you stand under the fan, you should be able to feel the breeze. If you can not feel it blowing, you must reverse the fan direction.

You can save money by using the fan and air conditioner together. You can raise the temperature of your AC unit 3 or 4 degrees and still feel as cool by using the ceiling fan correctly.

Facts To Consider About Ceiling Fans In The Home

energy costsA fan with more blades will actually cause the air to move more slowly. Increasing the number of fan blades makes the fan quieter, but the airflow will be reduced. A large fan generates more airflow. A standard room of 144-225 square feet will require a 44-inch fan to be adequately cooled. A fan that has incandescent lights will heat up your room that it might offset the cooling effect of the fan. For this reason, you should use a fan with low-energy LED bulbs.

Also, be sure to turn off the fan when no one is in the room. There is no point in using a fan if no one is there. Fans are meant to cool people and not rooms.

Save Money On Your Berlin Cooling Costs

You will soon recoup the costs of a ceiling fan. One study reported by Lifehacker found that using a ceiling fan reduced the temperature by 4 degrees on average. Australian research showed that the running time of an AC unit was reduced by 10% when the temperature was 1.8 degrees lower. [1] Raising the air conditioner temperature to 78 from 74 degrees will save you about 23% on the cost of cooling your home.

Using a ceiling fan can result in energy savings of $34 each month. A ceiling fan costs only $5.82 to run for a month at eighteen hours per day. You can stay cool in warm weather and still save $100 each year on energy costs, depending on your location. You can save more if you live in a place where the climate is hot all year. On relatively mild days, you may not even need to turn on your AC unit. Simply turn on the ceiling fan in the room.

Save On The Cost Of Repairing And Replacing The Air Conditioner In Your Home

A ceiling fan can help you save even more. If you raise the temperature setting of your AC unit, you will reduce the wear and tear on the motor. The air conditioning unit in your home will last longer and will not require repairs as often. A ceiling fan is versatile and can last for years, costing much less than a new air conditioning unit. A ceiling fan is energy efficient, which will enable you to save money on the cost of energy as well as repair costs for your AC unit. You will get more use out of your air conditioning unit.

In Conclusion

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[1] Install Ceiling Fans to Lower AC Costs (https://lifehacker.com/install-ceiling-fans-to-lower-ac-costs-5920805)