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Do your home’s most important appliances run on propane? If you use propane for whole-house heating, water heating, cooking, and more, you already know how versatile the fuel is for homeowners in Central Connecticut.

Did you know that you can also use your home’s propane supply for fireplace and stove heating? Add ambiance to your living area with a gas-fired hearth appliance.

Gas Fireplaces

Tower Energy offers installation and service of a wide range of propane-fueled appliances; this includes fireplace log sets. Choose between vented or vent-free log sets depending on your type of fireplace.

  • Vented Log Sets: These are ideal for homeowners with fully functioning wood-burning fireplaces. Vented log sets are easy to install, produce a flame similar to a wood-burning fireplace, and created the perfect homey atmosphere you’re looking to achieve.
  • Vent-Free Log Sets: Ventless log sets can be added to wood-burning fireplaces or fireplaces designed for gas use. Though vented log sets produce a better aesthetic, benefits of the vent-free option include superior heat output and slightly less fuel consumption.

Converting your wood fireplace to a gas-burning one is easy with propane delivered by Tower Energy. Contact us to learn more!

Gas Fireplaces

Gas Stoves

You may be familiar with gas cooking stoves, especially if you use one in your kitchen, but gas stoves of a different variety are also available to Tower Energy propane customers. Like having a woodstove to heat your home or select rooms of your home, a propane-fueled stove will keep you warm and cozy through the long winter months. This appliance gives off heat in a way your family and guests will love. A gas stove offers a comparable warmth and feels to a wood stove—without the mess!

We are proud to supply and install White Mountain Hearth Heritage Gas Stoves. This product is vent-free, allowing for quick and easy installation from your trusted propane company, Tower Energy. Click here to contact us today!

If you have any questions about adding a gas stove or fireplace to your home, or to get a free quote on an appliance for your home, please contact our office.

Gas Stoves
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