Tower Energy welcomes Northeast Energy customers!

Many of you know that for years now, Tower, Greco, Barrieau, and Northeast have been part of one company, but operating as different brands.

Going forward we’re going to simplify things and just call ourselves Tower Energy. Nothing is changing about our personnel, office locations, etc. However, all of our different websites will now redirect to the Tower website, And while the various phone numbers still work, the best number at which to reach us is (860) 677-7347.

We hope this accomplishes a few things for our customers.

  • First, we'll be able to send the right talented technician to your home, without worry that all the different uniforms will cause concern when he shows up.
  • The same is true of our delivery trucks. We can’t tell you how many times someone has run outside in their bathrobe thinking they were getting a delivery from the wrong company.
  • Third, it will simplify everything in our office, which should also allow us to answer your calls more quickly.

It’s all part of our effort to improve service, value, and ease for our customers. And we’re not stopping there. We also have plans to improve our website, payment options, service options, and service plans. And, we'll be updating our look. The new Tower Energy logo at the top of this message is the first of many new features. 

So, remember, from now on, we’re just Tower Energy. We look forward to serving you!

Visit the full website here.
License #: S7-0308869 & D1-0308746 HOD #605