Should I Leave My Wall Vents Open Or Closed For Temperature Control?

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As a means to save on the costs of heating and cooling, many homeowners keep vents closed in rooms that are unoccupied. The reason they do this is simple. They assume that when the vents remain closed, heated or cooled air is redirected somewhere else in the house, typically in rooms that have open vents. While this thought process may seem sensible, the fact is that an HVAC system doesn’t quite work like this. When you close vents, you don’t save money and it also causes some damages to your HVAC system.

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Why You Should Stop Closing Registers For HVAC Temperature Control

In this article, we talk more about the reasons to keep the HVAC registers open. Furthermore, we share tips on saving more energy by using HVAC zoned home comfort solutions.

Understanding How HVAC Ventilation Works

Likely, your house has a closed heating and cooling system. It will have air filters as a component of the system that keeps the air clean and safe for breathing.

Air is motionless when there is no external force (for example, a fan) to move it. With an HVAC system, the blower fans distribute the air indoors. When a home has an HVAC system installed, the air moves to the condenser coils for cooling or is transferred from a heating component (for example, a furnace) where heating happens and moves to different areas.

Depending on the HVAC system you have in your home, you will have either a fixed or variable motor fan. Regardless of the air pressure present indoors, a fixed motor will maintain a steady rate. The variable motor will automatically adjust depending on the indoor pressure it senses. The fixed motor is much cheaper and does not have a complicated set of components to operate. A fixed motor works harder to redistribute and move air through limited spaces in a home.

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If you are attempting to save some money on your energy costs, shutting the HVAC air vents is not a way to save. Here come the reasons why.

The HVAC System In Your Home Works Differently

Your HVAC system cannot detect whether your registers are open or closed because it lacks built-in sensors. Whether it is cooling or heating your home, the system uses the same energy level in producing the same volume of air. It usually maintains the setting it has on the thermostat. As long as this setting is still in place, the HVAC system cannot slow down. In short, your energy bills will remain the same. Therefore, you are not saving money by closing off the vents.

It Creates An Imbalance In HVAC System Pressure

Closing the register as an energy-saving attempt does not work. Furthermore, you are closing the supply register. The return register that draws air out of a room, remains open. As the air leaves a room, a lower air pressure is created. As the room gets depressurized, air infiltrates from outdoors through small holes, cracks, or gaps. Consequently, indoor air temperature is destabilized, which may go up or down depending on outdoor air temperature. This action can lower the quality of the air indoors. Poor indoor air quality causes health issues among household members.


Uneven House Temperatures

The HVAC system is composed of internal dampers internally, which adjust themselves to control the air volume supplied into each room. This damper-adjustment is essential as it ensures the HVAC system maintains a consistent temperature by providing sufficient airflow volume. This does not depend on the difference in distance between the rooms and the blowers.

When one or even several supply registers are shut, it disrupts temperatures and airflow both in the rooms that are closer to the blowers and in the entire HVAC system. As a result of this imbalance, there may be too much airflow in the rooms closest to the blowers and there is too little airflow into rooms located far from the blowers. You may create discomfort in one of the rooms that you use frequently due to the fact that is farther away from the blower.

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Increase Of HVAC Wear-And-Tear & HVAC Repairs

Closed vents lead to increased static pressure within your supply ductwork. As a result, the pressure is increased in your system blower. This puts up a lot of strain on the component. As the system blower keeps operating under this increased stress, it will not survive wear-and-tear, thus have a reduced lifespan.

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Steps To Save On Heating & Cooling Costs

An HVAC contractor determines the appropriate size of your HVAC system using the square footage of your house and several other aspects. When the size of your HVAC system matches your home, it heats up and cools down the specific amount of space. The system will fail to work correctly when the closure of the vents reduces the amount of space.

If your target is to maintain a comfortable home and still save money in the process, you should use a system that has zone temperature control. This gives you the chance to divide the home into several different zones, each one with its own temperature control. For instance, you can end up with three zones; the upstairs rooms, rooms downstairs, and the basement. With the zone temperature control system, you can effectively maintain different zone temperatures.

One can also adjust the thermostat setting to one which allows the system to operate at the minimum, or to use fans to let the air inside to circulate. You can use window treatments in maintaining the indoor temperature or better yet leave the doors to all the rooms, which are too warm or cold open for air to distribute evenly.

You can effectively supplement your central HVAC system by installing a ductless system. When installing a ductless heating and cooling system, you will have zoned temperature control in the rooms you use frequently. This will enable you to adjust the thermostat of your central HVAC system to work less and as well customize the comfort in rooms you are using most. Speak with an HVAC contractor, like Tower Energy, to learn more.

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