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HVAC Contractor in East Granby CTTower Energy: HVAC Contractors East Granby CT – We service the East Granby area and provide full-service heating and cooling repairs. Receive complete and total comfort solutions in East Granby CT with Tower Energy. We offer a complete line of HVAC services. We have professional HVAC technicians on staff who are expertly trained, polite and friendly. You can depend on us with any of your heating and air conditioner repairs, service, upgrades, and installations. Call us for all your HVAC Contractors East Granby CT needs!

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We perform the following HVAC services:

  • HVAC Repair Service in East Granby
  • East Granby Furnace Repairs
  • East Granby Boiler Repairs
  • Heat Pump Repairs in East Granby CT
  • East Granby Air Conditioning Repairs
  • East Granby Emergency HVAC Repairs
  • Heating System Upgrades in East Granby CT
  • Air Conditioning System Upgrades in East Granby CT
  • New HVAC System Installations in East Granby
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Call us today to get a complimentary in-home, no-obligation estimate for your HVAC repair, service, upgrade or installation needs. We stand behind all the work we do with our guarantees and warranties. We work on most major brands of heating and cooling equipment including American Standard, Amana, Bryant, Goodman, LG, Mitsubishi and more!

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Rest assured that when you call Tower Energy, your heating and cooling system will be fixed quickly and extremely cost-effectively. Read more.

East Granby Air Conditioning Repair Service

When you are searching for the best air conditioning repair near me, do not hesitate to contact Tower Energy. Our professional AC repair services ensure that you do not stay without cool air for long. We have the skilled and knowledgeable technicians who can work on your any problems your malfunctioning A/C might have. Rest assured that our technicians have received the necessary training and certifications to work on any air conditioning make and model.

Call Tower Energy today to ensure your the air conditioning in your Plainville, CT home is back in perfect working condition as soon as possible.

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East Granby AC Companies

Not every AC device is the same. Therefore, when deciding on an AC company to service your property, there are a few things you need to assess to have the best product and services suited for your home. An essential aspect to check is how other users review the system. You should only choose an AC company that has a good credibility and reputation. Find out everything you need to know about an HVAC company from reliable online sites. Customer service is important for any company, and clients who have received the best service are most likely to leave reviews.

The very best AC contractors will offer you outstanding service at a reasonable price. You should also be given printed contracts and service warranties for all items used by them. A reliable HVAC company should meet all your cooling needs. Check with the HVAC company to make sure they only use top-of-the-line instruments for your AC unit. Take notice when a company has an excellent record, and offers lots of services in addition to just AC repairs and installations. By choosing the company that offers the most services and best reviews, you will be guaranteed excellent work.

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East Granby Furnace Repair Service

If you’ve been on the hunt for a furnace repair near me, make sure to visit Tower Energy in East Granby, CT. Our team is ready to repair your heating, as we come with years of experience. Our HVAC specialists receive up-to-date training and licenses. You can feel relaxed knowing that your home unit is in the hands of specialists.

Our team will install your heating system to give your family the comfort they need. We can also repair your heating system quickly and correctly. Give Tower Energy a call next time you are looking for a heating repair service near me.

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East Granby Heating System Companies

Each year, the average home uses their AC unit or heating system 3,300 hours. This is about 9 hours every day. It is no surprise that heating system can fail or breakdown when it is not cared for correctly. When your heater stops functioning correctly, call us for prompt repairs.

Our team offers the following heating services:

Furnace Repair:Our experts are experienced and ready to do any furnace repairs. After evaluating your furnace and finding the problem, we start trying options to fix it.

Furnace Installation: If your home presently has a heating system that is older than 20 years, you definitely are in need of an improvement. If your system is ready for an update, we will help you choose a newer unit that is perfect for you. Our staff will work within your budget and determine the best heating system to please all your home comfort needs.

Furnace Maintenance: Regular maintenance on your heating system will ensure that it works at its highest efficiency levels and helps to prolong the lifespan of your hardware. We make sure to check in on you annually and test how well your furnace is working.

Furnace Replacement:Any of our professional service technicians can help you determine if you need to replace your old furnace, and we are more than happy to discuss finance options. We check all elements of your unit before making a final decision on what needs to get done.

Heat Pump Installation:Heat pumps are similar to furnaces. For this reason our process and method of dealing with heat pump installations is similar to furnace setups. We will take everything into factor, such as your budget and current wants, and give you the best option.

Heat Pump Maintenance: You always get your vehicle serviced if there’s an issue with it. You should not treat your heat pump any differently. Your property uses its heat pump a lot throughout the year. Due to this, annual precautionary maintenance servicing is highly advised. Yearly check-ins let you rest easy knowing that your unit is readied for anything.

Heat Pump Replacement: Most models of heat pumps need to be changed every 15 to 20 years. Sadly, today’s HVAC suppliers have built in a shorter lifespan than before. So if your unit is older than 15 years, you might want to consider a replacement.

Heat Pump Repair: If you are experiencing a damaged heat pump, call us quick and dependable service. Our professionals are ready to handle any device.

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Best HVAC Contractors in East Granby CT

Your heating and cooling system is a complicated piece of machinery. You need to hire the best East Granby HVAC contractor for the job. When you are looking the internet for HVAC specialists in your local area, make sure to add your zip code. This is a great way to ensure that everyone that turns up is within your area. This makes your search a lot easier and gives you more time to research the more important things.

The company you select should have specialists who are experienced and highly-trained when it comes to dealing with every issues and concerns you have with your heating and cooling equipment. Make sure that you do your homework before selecting an HVAC company, so you know exactly what type of business you are working with. Your contractor should be getting trained on a regular schedule on all the different types of HVAC devices. Ask the expert if they have all the correct permits for the work. Otherwise, you run the risk of injury or even death from situations that result from a badly repaired or preserved heating and cooling unit.

Be sure to keep all your correspondence in writing. It is sometimes better to email the business instead of calling them directly. This can help you manage everything that is expressed between you. See to it that all quotes or bids are in formal writing. Plus, the contract you’ll authorize must include the dates when the work will take place, a detailed breakdown of labor and equipment costs, and payment due dates. Taking all these into consideration will save you money and time when choosing the right HVAC specialist.

East Granby Ductless Heating and Cooling Solutions

Your residence can greatly benefit from a ductless heat pump. Many households don’t have the area for ductwork, so your East Granby home should consider going ductless. Because there is no need for ductwork with this type of system, the air quality in your house also strengthens. Homes that have ductwork are more likely to have allergens in their air. Ductless systems are the much better option because they have different levels of filtration to protect your lungs from harmful particles.

All ductless systems work by having an outside part and the inside unit. To install these devices, you only need a small insert in the wall to place the unit. The installation procedure is so simple that there is little to no room for air leakage. Ductless systems are the most power-saving type of machine you can buy, East Granby Ductless systems use less energy when in operation. These units cool or heat your room instantly. If you mount a ductless heating or cooling system, you may be qualified for rebates on your unit!

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East Granby HVAC Repair Services

The next instance you need a heating company or AC professionals for your household in East Granby, give Tower Energy a telephone call. We have accredited, certified, and factory-trained professionals who have years of experience in providing HVAC repair services. Rest assured that we can work on any type, make, and model. We have all the proper equipment to fix your heating or cooling system.

With Tower Energy on the job, you can rest easy knowing that your heat pump, boiler, furnace, AC, or any type of unit you have is in excellent hands. Feel free to ask us any questions that you might have!

Call us today to get your HVAC system fixed ASAP!

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East Granby HVAC Replacement and Upgrades

Don’t search any further than Tower Energy next time you look for air conditioning installations near me. We promise that all our work will be done properly the first time we do it and all our contractors are skilled professionals. Our team understands that providing comfort is the main goal in each of our jobs, so we work quickly and effectively to get the job done.

From selecting the best make and unit to checking the setup, we will be glad to assist you throughout the cooling system installation process. Call us for all of your East Granby, Connecticut HVAC needs.

For all of your HVAC needs, consisting of heating system upgrades, call us at Tower Energy located in the East Granby, CT area. Every job that we do is done professionally, and from start to finish we will make sure that you are pleased with our work. Our experienced technicians have years of on-hand experience and training that will make a difference in ensuring that your house is the cozy and comfortable haven you want it to be.

Our experts also are skilled in furnace repair service and tune-ups for your systems. Call Tower Energy today to get your furnace installed!

Call us today for fast HVAC replacements and upgrades!

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East Granby, Connecticut Information

East Granby is located in Hartford County, Connecticut. It was incorporated as the Town of East Granby in 1858. It is home to the first incorporated copper mine in the country, which was later converted to the first state prison in the US called Old Newgate Prison. Local high points in the area include Peak Mountain and Hatchett Hill where residents and visitors can go hiking, snowshoeing, and bird watching. Some of the historic buildings in East Granby include the Ezekiel Phelps House, Viet’s Tavern, Clark Farm Tenant House, Whitfield Cowles House, and Joseph Penney House. Parks that dot East Granby include East Granby Farms park, Cowles Park, and Granbrook Park. Eateries, where residents can dine, include Center Grill, Gio’s Brick Oven Pizzeria, and J&G Restaurante. Notable people from the town are lawyer Walter Forward, artist Eunice Griswold Penney, and author Walter Wick.

We service all of East Granby, CT including the following zipcode(s): 06026, 06035, 06096