What Is That Whistling Sound During An Oil Delivery?

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If you are new to heating oil, you might be unfamiliar with the process of heating oil delivery. Do not worry because the oil delivery company will guide you through every step of the way. The process is fast and simple, especially if the system is in excellent condition. You might have had your first delivery recently and there may be some things you didn’t understand fully. For instance, you might have heard a whistling sound from the tank. This sound is coming from the oil tank vent alarm, and your system is supposed to make this sound.

This article includes everything you need to know about this whistling sound and why it is essential in heating oil units.

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Where Is The Sound Coming From During A Fuel Oil Delivery

In contrast to natural gas, fuel oil is delivered to each home via large oil delivery trucks. The fuel is put in tanks that connect to the heating system. The amount of heating oil decreases as time passes because the house uses it for heating purposes. When oil depletes inside the tank, air occupies its place. During oil delivery, the air is pushed out by the oil. The tank is fitted with a vent alarm that produces a whistling sound when air is being pushed out. It is a crucial signal that can be heard by everyone nearby, including the delivery personnel.

When Will The Sound From The Vent Alarm Stop?

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The whistling will go on as long as there is air passing through the tank’s vent alarm. It will stop when the tank does not have any air left, indicating that the heating oil tank is full. The delivery crew will then stop the oil flow from the truck. This must be done manually, so a reliable and audible signal is needed to get the timing right. Remember that every house is fitted with differently sized tanks. If you have an underground oil tank, it might be hard to determine its size or how empty it is. It is necessary that tanks are equipped with a vent alarm.

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The Importance Of An Oil Tank Alarm

image of safety and heating oil deliveryThe vent alarm needs to be in tiptop shape as the oil delivery depends on it. Heating oil suppliers typically have a policy that states that refills will not be done if the tank does not have a whistle. They will open the nozzle and allow liquid to flow in the tank, triggering the vent alarm immediately. If they do not hear a sound from the tank, the delivery will cease right away. The sound signals when they need to stop, and without it, refilling the tank becomes a dangerous task. The oil might spill in and around your home instead. Hence, most heating oil providers do not risk it as part of their safety measures.

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Reasons For Lack Of Sound During A Home Heating Oil Delivery

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The following are some of the reasons that your vent alarm may not produce a whistling sound during heating oil delivery:

  • Incorrect Oil Tank Connection: The absence of whistling could be because there isn’t a tank connected to the pipes. This is an unusual situation, but it is possible. For example, you might have recently purchased this home and it has already had its tank excavated without you knowing. Another reason is the connection might have been severed.
  • Damaged Oil Tank Seals: Openings can let air escape, so it fails to pass through the vent alarm. The tank might not be sealed correctly. The air should only flow through the vent pipe so that whistle is triggered. Any holes or cracks should be sealed before the refilling process can begin.
  • Problematic Vent Pipe: The vent pipe can be what’s causing the problem. Insects might have gotten in and built their nests, causing a clog. These need to be removed so air can flow smoothly again. Otherwise, air pressure can accumulate and reach a high level that can damage the tank’s interior.
  • Broken Whistle: The whistle can also malfunction. This component has holes, so debris and insects might get trapped in it. These should be removed so that air can pass through and the whistling sound can be made again. This way, the refilling can continue.

Tower Energy’s delivery personnel will inspect the oil tank if no whistle is heard during the refill. A highly trained and qualified technician can also visit to conduct the necessary repairs or replacements. Contact us for any concerns and queries you have about heating oil deliveries.

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