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If your air conditioning is broken, our team of contractors is here to help. At Tower Energy, our staff will quickly repair your damaged AC unit. Since 2004, Tower Energy has been serving Plainville, CT as a locally owned and operated AC contractor. We are skilled when it comes to fixing your damaged AC system, no matter how severe the problem is. If you need someone to fix your air conditioning unit, call us today or complete the form on this page.

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Our technicians at Tower Energy have seen and worked with many different brands of AC systems. So, they know how to fix and repair all major brands of air conditioning units. Best of all, our team will be sure to repair your damaged cooling system on same-day visits. We stock most major brand replacement parts for air conditioning systems, minimizing your downtime. Call us today to get your air conditioning repaired today.

If you have an outdated AC system and are worried about costly replacements or upgrades, call us. We give fair and honest quotes about how much it will cost to replace your current air conditioning equipment. And, we will ensure that your new AC equipment is properly sized for your home. We work within your budget and can offer financing options, help with manufacturer rebates as well as any state or federal energy rebates. Contact us to learn more.

At Tower Energy, we take great pride in placing our customers first, ensuring that their home’s cooling system will be repaired quickly and affordably! Read more.

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You deserve to be comfortable in your home. Nothing is worse than coming inside on a hot summer day to a home with no air conditioning. If your air conditioning is broken, call Tower Energy. We will be sure to fix your AC issues right away. We’ll work with you to figure out the best plan of action. You can trust our contractors to diagnose the problem and fix it right away on the same visit. When you’re air conditioning unit breaks down, you won’t want to call anyone else other than Tower Energy.

Air Conditioning Repairs In Plainville CT

Coming home after a long day and finding out that your cooling system isn’t working can be stressful. The problem could range from something as simple as a dirty filter to a more serious issue as a broken compressor.

Here are some of the most common air conditioning issues and the corresponding repairs:

Plainville Dirty Air Filter

When the air filter in your air conditioning system is covered in dirt and debris, it can affect your system’s overall functionality. A clogged air filter blocks air from passing through properly. As a result, your fan will overstrain. Not only that, but the contaminants trapped in your air filter can cause respiratory problems and skin irritations that will affect you and your family. Call one of our professionals to help clean or replace your air filter before any other problems arise.

Plainville Dirty Outdoor Unit

A central cooling system is comprised of the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. Also known as the condenser, the outdoor unit is made up of a compressor, tubes, cooling fins, and a fan. If you notice that warm air is being blown into your home, it might be because you have a dirty condenser.

This could be because either the outdoor evaporator coils or cooling fan in your outdoor unit is dirty. The coils are responsible for releasing and removing the hot air from your home. If the coils are blocked with debris, then the hot air won’t be able to flow out of your home; whereas a cooling fan that is caked with dust and debris will restrict the airflow that is necessary to cool the refrigerant and release the heat absorbed from your home.

Make sure to call our professionals to check your outdoor unit to clean it. They have the experience and specialized tools to get your condenser back in excellent shape.

Malfunctioning Condenser Fan Motor Plainville

The condenser fan is in charge of making sure that your outside unit does not overheat. However, issues such as dirt buildup, poor airflow, overamping, and lack of proper maintenance can cause the condenser fan to become faulty. To prevent this from happening, you should schedule maintenance with Tower Energy. We guarantee that our skilled HVAC contractors can help in prolonging the condenser fan’s lifespan. When a replacement is inevitable, trust our technicians to diagnose and replace your malfunctioning condenser fan motor immediately and adequately.

Refrigerant Issues Plainville

The refrigerant is the cooling substance that is vital in your AC’s refrigeration cycle. Your AC equipment may run on R-22 or R-410a refrigerant. Unfortunately, factors such as wear and tear and Formic acid can result in refrigerant leaks. The solution isn’t as simple as adding more refrigerant to your system. Keep in mind that your AC will work best if the refrigerant charge is the same as the manufacturer’s specification. Having a low refrigerant charge will cause the compressor motor to overheat. Whereas, an overcharged one might cause permanent damage to the AC compressor.

It is best to contact the HVAC contractors at Tower Energy. We have licensed HVAC technicians who are ready to repair the leak, check the repair, and ensure that the system is charged with the correct amount of refrigerant.

Plainville Broken Compressor

Another common reason for a malfunctioning air conditioning system is a broken compressor. The compressor is responsible for cooling the air in your house as it circulates the refrigerant inside and outside the system. Thus, a broken compressor equals to having no cool air inside your home. Common signs that something is wrong with your compressor are moisture leaks and a noisy air conditioning system. Call a Tower Energy HVAC contractor immediately to help you assess the situation.

Our Plainville, CT technicians are guaranteed to help you with any air conditioning repairs you need. All our services are fast, reliable, and within your budget. Be sure to contact our trusted HVAC contractors today.

For the best air conditioning repair experts in Plainville, be sure to call Tower Energy today. We will advise you every step of the way, ensuring that you know exactly what needs to be fixed on your home’s cooling equipment. All of our repair work is guaranteed. Call us at (860) 677-7347 now so we can dispatch an AC repairman today!