What’s to Love About Propane?

Enjoy all that propane has to offer with Tower Energy!

propane Plainville, CT Have you observed the increasing number of homes in your Central Connecticut community that are switching to propane? There are numerous compelling reasons behind this noteworthy shift!

Your neighbors are experiencing the numerous benefits of propane in their homes. They are enjoying increased energy efficiency, enhanced security, and a positive impact on the environment, all while achieving a higher level of comfort.

Discover the extraordinary advantages of propane with Tower Energy’s dependable propane delivery and equipment services. Our Automatic Delivery service and wireless propane tank monitoring make having propane in your home effortlessly convenient, ensuring you never run out. Experience the ease and reliability of Tower Energy for all your propane needs.

Propane can cut your energy costs

Propane is a superb option for optimizing energy efficiency. Modern propane furnaces and boilers exhibit exceptional efficiency, with certain models boasting an average rating of 98%. Consequently, a mere 2% of propane is lost during the combustion process.

Optimize your energy savings by utilizing propane appliances. For instance, a propane water heater can efficiently heat more than double the amount of water in comparison to an electric one within the same time frame. This can lead to a substantial 30% reduction in your water heating energy expenses. Moreover, consider switching to a propane tankless water heater to further maximize your savings.

Improve your home with propane

Propane offers a multitude of benefits beyond its energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. When it comes to cooking, it provides precise temperature control, while its use in clothes dryers ensures clothes dry 25% faster compared to electric dryers. A propane fireplace effortlessly keeps your home warm and cozy. Moreover, during power outages, a propane whole-house standby generator guarantees the safety and comfort of your home. Experience the convenience and peace of mind that propane brings to your daily life.

Transform your backyard into a delightful and serene oasis for your loved ones and guests with the use of propane. Consider investing in a propane grill for convenient weeknight and weekend cooking outdoors. Moreover, if you are contemplating getting a pool or spa, keep in mind that propane heaters can efficiently warm water at a faster rate compared to electric heaters, while also offering superior energy efficiency.

Reduce your environmental impact with propane

How can we effectively reconcile the global demand for energy with the imperative of achieving a low-carbon future?

Propane is an excellent choice as a home energy source due to its environmentally friendly nature and high energy efficiency. By opting for propane, you can minimize your environmental impact while ensuring optimal comfort and well-being.

Did you know that propane is a listed alternative fuel in the 1990 Clean Air Act and 1992 National Energy Policy? Propane creates zero greenhouse gas emissions because, unlike natural gas, it does not contain methane.

Propane gives you energy security

No matter where your home is, you can experience the perks of propane without any concerns about its location. With your propane tank on your property and Tower Energy’s dependable delivery service, you can rely on a steady supply.

Propane offers a significant advantage over natural gas as it eliminates the need for gas utility lines in your neighborhood. By using propane, you can avoid relying on the infrastructure of natural gas utilities and the concern of service interruptions due to unforeseen issues. This ensures a constant supply of fuel for heating, water heating, cooking, and other needs.

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