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Propane, sometimes referred to as LPG or liquefied petroleum gas, is considered a reliable, affordable, and stable source of fuel. It is colorless, non-toxic, and nearly odorless. Although propane is generally safe, it is still flammable and can cause burns or poisoning in your home if handled improperly. Find out the safety precautions you need to do with propane to keep your home safe.

Useful Tips When Using Propane

In this article, we share some essential propane safety tips you should be aware of.

Do Not Perform DIY Tasks On Your Propane System

Anyone untrained and unqualified should never attempt to fix, modify, test, or replace any component on any equipment connected to the propane system or on the propane tank itself. Any mistake or error in installing or re-connecting components can cause very dangerous gas leaks. If there is any problem with the system, call a qualified HVAC technician to check and perform the necessary repairs.

Be Aware Of Possible Propane Leaks

Propane is a petroleum product, and while it is considered a clean source of energy, it can still have serious effects if it leaks inside your home. A propane leak has an odor similar to rotten eggs. It is not a natural odor of the gas – it is an artificial smell added to the product to make it easy to detect. If you smell something sulfurous, there may be a leak that you should act out on. Turn off any open flame and put out anything that could cause combustion, such as a candle or a cigarette. Shut off valves that connect to the gas line as well. Have everyone leave the house (including your pets) until the leak is inspected and fixed by a professional.

Note, however, that not all leaks can be detected by your sense of smell. To be on the safe side, consider installing a propane gas detector. This will be a great help to your home if you have very young children, elderly family members, or people with an impaired sense of smell. Detectors sense the concentration of propane in the air, hence it does not matter even if the gas is dispersed or diluted by wind, soil, or other elements.

You can also try a simple way to detect a gas leak using soap and water. Apply some of this mixture to joints and connectors, then observe if bubbles form or inflate. If they do, you have a possible leak. However, if you smell gas in your home, the best thing is to leave and call 911.

Do Not Allow The Propane Tank To Run Empty

To prevent leaks and keep your home safe, do not allow your propane tank to run empty. Empty propane tanks connected to an open gas line tend to allow air or moisture to seep in. Over time, the tank becomes susceptible to corrosion, which reduces the odor of the propane gas. Rust also causes breaks in the metal parts of the tank, increasing the possibility that gas could escape. Allowing the propane gas tank to go empty will also put out your pilot light, which is supposed to be on all the time.

empty residential propane tank

Maintain Proper Care Of The Propane System

Schedule regular heating system maintenance with a licensed HVAC technician to prevent issues with your propane system. It is very easy to identify potential problems early with regular checkups and fix them. Regular furnace maintenance also helps prolong the lifespan of the system, reduce home heating costs, and keep your home safe.

Watch The Furnace Flame

Propane burners typically produce a blue flame. Its color can range from a light blue to a shade slightly darker. However, if the flame appears yellow or orange, there might be issues with carbon monoxide or other problems. Give your local heating technician a call to have the burner inspected immediately.

Check The Heating System After Bad Weather

Storms, flooding, and heavy snow can damage your propane system, particularly the outdoor components. After bad weather, check the system for cracks, holes, and other problems. Keep tanks, pipes, valves, and other components clear of snow. If flooding occurred, turn off the main gas valve and have the system checked by a heating technician.

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