Is Heating Oil Efficient for Home Heating?

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With options for home heating energy sources, you may be wondering if your oil-fired home heating system is efficient enough to keep your home warm and comfortable while not draining your bank account.

Put any concerns about that to bed! Heating oil is an outstanding energy source for home heating here in Central Connecticut. And, with dependable heating oil delivery of cleaner burning Bioheat® fuel from Tower Energy, you can enjoy that comfort and efficiency with peace of mind.

Get more Btu power with heating oil!

Considering a switch from heating oil to electricity or natural gas? Before investing a substantial amount of money in a home conversion, it is crucial to evaluate the comparative efficiency of various energy sources in heat generation.

Heating oil offers exceptional comfort for your money. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, a single gallon of heating oil can produce approximately 138,500 British thermal units (Btu). In contrast, here is the equivalent amount of heating energy required from alternative sources:

During the frigid winters of Central Connecticut, heating oil emerges as a steadfast and dependable source of powerful warmth.

AFUE and oil-fired heating systems

The AFUE, also known as the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating, quantifies the efficiency of a heating system in converting fuel into heat throughout a heating season. It can be analogized to the MPG rating used for cars. Generally, you can locate the AFUE displayed on the front panel of a heating system.

Here’s how AFUE works: Imagine you’re in the market for an oil-fired furnace. You come across one with an AFUE rating of 80. This means that, on average, 80% of the heating oil it uses is transformed into heat for your home. The remaining 20% is lost during the combustion and conversion process. As a result, for every dollar you spend on propane, 80 cents go towards heating your home.

The United States Department of Energy provides a comprehensive guide on common AFUE ratings for heating systems. It’s important to note that the current minimum AFUE standard for new heating systems is 80. Most of today’s oil-fired heating systems have an AFUE between 84% and 90%.

Low efficiency: This issue is primarily observed in significantly older and outdated heating systems. The AFUE ratings typically range from 56 to 70.

Medium efficiency: AFUE ratings range between 80 and 85. These ratings are applicable to either new systems or older systems that are less than 20 years old.

High efficiency: This is typically found in newer heating systems, less than 10 years old, with AFUE ratings ranging from 90 to 98.5.

Tower Energy helps keep your oil-fired heating system efficient

In addition to our expert furnace and boiler installation , we also offer heating system maintenance and repair services.

An annual tune-up is essential care for your home’s heating system. Tower Energy’s trained, experienced service technicians will thoroughly tune up and clean your boiler or furnace to prevent breakdowns while keeping it running at its peak efficiency.

By the way, a tune-up is included in all our heating system service plans , along with coverage for many parts and labor costs for repairs.

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