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A new heating and cooling system can improve your household. It can increase your home’s comfort, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. It can also boost your family’s productivity and help promote good health. However, with an improper HVAC installation, you could be faced with a huge problem instead. You will end up with problems such as an uncomfortable home, higher energy bills, poor indoor air quality, frequent repairs, and premature replacement.

Hire an experienced and trained HVAC contractor to ensure correct and prompt installation. As a homeowner, you can do your part by knowing the top HVAC installation mistakes so that you can prevent them from happening in the first place.

Top HVAC Installation Mistakes To Avoid

Listed below are some of the more common HVAC installation errors that you should avoid.

1. Selecting The Wrong Heating And Cooling System Size

Many homeowners think that a large HVAC system will perform better. Therefore, they opt to buy the biggest HVAC unit they can get their hands on, thinking it is a good investment. However, this is far from the truth.

The right HVAC size for your home is based on the projected load. A professional and certified HVAC contractor will conduct the complex load calculations to determine the correct size. It takes into account various factors, such as house orientation, building materials, ceiling height, regional temperatures, and more. This calculation will let you know the HVAC size you need to cool or heat your home efficiently. Be wary of HVAC technicians who use inaccurate rules of thumb to make HVAC size recommendations.

2. Keeping The Old HVAC Ductwork

Some homeowners keep the old ducts even after installing a new HVAC unit. They do so to save money, but this is not always an ideal situation. The old ducts could be incompatible with your new system, especially if you changed the HVAC unit size. The old ducts might be too small to allow proper and sufficient airflow.

If the ducts have been in place for a long time, they are probably riddled with cracks, mold, dirt, and other problems as well. The ductwork design and layout might not be optimal for the circulation of the conditioned air throughout your home. New ducts that are designed and installed by a qualified HVAC contractor will eliminate all these issues.

3. Bad HVAC Duct Installation Techniques

image of an HVAC contractor inspecting hvac ductwork

The design and installation are separate things. A contractor must be able to create cost-effective and logical designs. At the same time, it should be installed properly. Some technicians might utilize bad HVAC duct installation techniques because they do not have sufficient experience. Others might do so because they want to finish installing the ducts quickly.

An example of this is using tape to seal cracks and gaps. This is only recommended as a temporary repair because the leaks will start again after a short period. As a result, the unit’s efficiency will plummet again, and your monthly energy bills will spike. Ensure that you hire a dependable HVAC company Tower Energy. They use top-quality sealants and materials for excellent work at all times.

4. Poorly Designed HVAC Drainage System

Air conditioners generate moisture during the cooling process via condensation around the coils. The HVAC contractor must make sure that the water is collected and drained properly. If not, the water could spill into the unit’s components or your house. This can cause mold, bacteria, and mildew to grow. It will also damage the drywall and flooring. The bacteria can also cause a foul smell to permeate your home.

Make sure to do it right at the onset to prevent these problems. Hire an experienced HVAC professional with extensive experience and knowledge on what to do.

5. Incorrect Venting Of Toxic Gases

carbon monoxide alarm

Correct venting should be included in the installation to ensure that the toxic gases your system produces are eliminated properly. A furnace can emit hazardous gases like carbon monoxide when burning fuel. This isn’t an issue as long as there is a proper exhaust system in place. However, improper installation can lead to the emission of these toxic gases inside your home.

It is recommended that you have a carbon monoxide detector in place to warn you of this danger. Keep in mind that carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that is difficult to detect without a CO alarm. Ask your HVAC technician about combustion safety to know if they can implement this properly in your home.

6. Improper Heating & Cooling System Placement

Some HVAC installation errors are easily avoidable as long as you have a reliable HVAC contractor. For instance, the new unit shouldn’t be placed where the old HVAC system used to be. The placement should be verified so that you do not repeat the same mistake. The place where your old system used to be might be receiving direct sunlight. This will only overwork your system, so it needs to be shielded from the sun as much as possible. The same should be done with the thermostat. If it is near the window or a heat source, it will have a faulty reading and heat your home.

An experienced HVAC contractor will help you find the best location for your new HVAC system and its components.

7. Neglecting Clearance Around The Condenser

image of an outdoor condenser for an air conditioning unit

The condenser needs to have ample space around it to work optimally. This can be neglected at times, especially if the installer did a rush job. The HVAC technician might only give the condenser a few inches of breathing space on all sides. Bear in mind that the recommended clearance area is at least two feet around the perimeter. This will ensure high efficiency and good air intake.

Make sure that this mistake doesn’t happen to avoid high energy consumption or premature wear and tear. The homeowner should also make sure that this clearance is always maintained. Remove objects near the condenser and trim any nearby shrubs.


Errors during HVAC installation are more common occurrences than most homeowners realize. Experienced technicians are frequently called to remedy these mistakes that amateur installers made. Make the right decisions from the start to avoid paying more than you need to. Find a trained and certified contractor with the right credentials and the best reputation in the area.

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