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furnace maintenance

As the winter season draws near, temperatures throughout the nation are starting to plummet. This is an excellent time for homeowners to inspect their furnaces and to verify that these units are ready for the challenges of the cold weather. If you have any doubts about the working condition of your home furnace, you should call a trusted heating company to perform a tune-up and take care of all the necessary repairs. This is something that you should do now rather than later as it could be far more challenging to schedule HVAC services up during the heart of winter.

This is the time of year when homeowners tend to have the most questions. They want to know what type of furnace service they need. They may need help in finding a new furnace while considering all of the upfront and ongoing costs of this purchase. Seasoned HVAC professionals can provide needs-specific and truly comprehensive answers. To start, however, we’ll offer some general information by answering these common furnace FAQ:

Does My Home Furnace Really Have To Be Maintained?

The absolute answer to this question is YES! Furnace maintenance is nothing short of essential. Before most HVAC manufacturers will honor their warranties, they usually require proof of routine maintenance. These companies provide comprehensive instructions on caring for these units in their user manuals. You should always schedule an annual furnace tune-up to avoid costly repairs and sudden failure. Regular tune-ups for your furnace will ensure longevity, high levels of efficiency, and optimum safety.

When Should Furnace Repairs Be Scheduled?

As soon as you detect any furnace problem, you should schedule furnace repairs right away. Delaying will give these issues the chance to spiral out of control and could increase the related furnace repair costs. Problems are generally much faster, cheaper, and easier to deal with when they first rear their heads. Get in touch with a furnace repair company that has good ratings from other consumers in your area.

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When Should I Replace My Furnace?

There isn’t really a set time frame for home furnace replacements given that each of these units can differ in terms of longevity and overall quality. Many furnaces can last more than a decade when they receive diligent maintenance. After approximately 10 years, however, it’s probably time to start preparing for this expense. You can avoid frequent breakdowns by replacing an outdated furnace.

What Are Some Signs That A Furnace Replacement Is Needed?

You may want to upgrade your home heating system if you start experiencing pilot light failure, insufficient heat, strange odors, increased corrosion, delayed ignition, and other symptoms of furnace failure. Decreasing efficiency is also a sign that your furnace needs a replacement. This will reveal itself as a noticeable increase in home energy use and higher energy bills.

How Often Should Furnace Filters Be Replaced?

HVAC air filters keep dirt, dust, and other elements from entering this equipment, and to protect the quality of the indoor air. The filter surface, however, can eventually become clogged with collected particulates. You should perform filter replacements for your home furnace as per the recommendations in your owner’s manual. Check the filter monthly and replace it as needed.

Which Furnace Type Is Best?

The best furnace to invest in is the one that is best-suited to the unique needs and layout of your home. It should boast the perfect heating capacity for effectively warming the entire building interior. A good furnace will also have an acceptable high AFUE rating. Most furnaces in the US have ratings of 80 percent and above.

What Are Some Ways I Can Reduce My Energy Bill?

One of the biggest expenses for nearly every household is the home heating bill. Lower your energy costs by regularly performing maintenance on your heating system. This will improve the overall efficiency of your heating equipment so that it consumes less fuel during the winter. You can also cut your spending by setting the thermostat to a more moderate temperature.

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How Can I Determine The Right Furnace Capacity Or Size For My Home?

Multiple factors help determine the proper furnace size for any home, including the building’s ceiling height, total floor space, orientation, insulation, natural shade, and local climate. A seasoned HVAC professional can perform a Manual J load calculation to arrive at an accurate figure.

What’s The Anticipated Lifespan Of My New Furnace?

The lifespan of a furnace can vary from one home to the next. When their units receive proper maintenance and care, homeowners can expect their newly installed heating equipment to last two decades or more. Your furnace should also be the proper size for your home. If you aren’t sure about this, ask an HVAC contractor for sizing estimates.

What Is The AFUE Rating For A Furnace?

The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency ration or AFUE rating is a measurement of the unit’s heat production concerning the amount of fuel that it consumes. What’s a decent AFUE rating? You want this to be 80 percent or higher, or preferably 90 percent or higher. Check your user manual to learn how to find the AFUE rating. The unit’s faceplate displays its efficiency rating.


People can rely on their home furnaces for comfort and warmth throughout many winter seasons. The lifespan of this essential equipment can even extend beyond two decades, but only when homeowners are diligent in performing heater maintenance. You should monitor and change air filters as needed. Homeowners should also schedule professional tune-ups each year. These can include comprehensive cleaning and inspections. All minor furnace repairs should be performed right away.

For households with older furnaces, it may be time to consider having these units replaced. Increasing fuel consumption, regular breakdowns, and advancing age are all reasons to invest in new heating equipment. Just be sure to choose the right size furnace for your home. To determine the needed heating capacity, have Manual J load calculations performed by trusted heating professionals. High-efficiency units are ideal.

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