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Picture this: You wake up on a lovely summer day and make your way directly to the garage to get some work done. However, when you pull open the garage door, you instantly feel a wave of humid air. This is not what you want to experience just before doing some work. Maybe you were contemplating doing some woodwork, re-potting a few of your plants, or you just want to give your car a polish. It can be difficult to focus on any type of work when there are high temperatures in an enclosed space. This is true, even if you have a running fan.

Installing a garage air conditioner is the best way to assure that your workspace is cool and provides comfort. However, there are some things to consider beforehand. In this article, we discuss why homeowners should opt for the best ductless for garage Plainville CT. We also cover why central heating and cooling systems and window AC units are not viable options.

Why Air Condition Your Garage?

People utilize their garages for a number of reasons besides just a place to store their vehicles. Garages can be used as gyms, games rooms, or even workshops. If you are going to put in the time in your garage, a space that is uncomfortably hot is the last thing you need. Moreover, cracking open the windows is not entirely a guaranteed way of cooling down your garage. If you do opt for an air conditioner, it should be noted that there are a few challenges that you will have to work through. However, there is one option that we’ll discuss below that can help you create the perfect environment in your garage.

Challenges With Air Conditioning Your Garage

paint and chemicals in garage

If you happen to have a central HVAC system in your house, do not use it to cool your garage. The reason being is that chemical substances in your garage like pesticides, gasoline, and running engines can emit gases, or toxic fumes. These can get into the ductwork and be distributed throughout the house.

Like many, you might think that you can easily solve the heat issue in the garage by using a ductwork extension. However, this is a bad idea because you will violate the housing inspection code. Also, a ductwork extension can put tremendous strain on the central air conditioning system because you will need to cool a very large volume of air. Most air conditioners are sized to meet the cooling needs of your home, which does not include your garage.

The Problem With Volume

It is important to take into account the issue of air volume. To start, there is a good chance that your garage is the largest space in your home relative to the other rooms in the house. In addition, very few garages have ceilings that are complete. This means that the air volume is included in the space that spans the rafters up to the roof. Therefore, your garage can have nearly 50% more air volume relative to a different room that is the exact same size but has a complete ceiling.

Less Insulation

installing insulation in garage for ductless air conditioning

Garages are not insulated, so it is very hard to maintain a cool temperature. Even if you use a state-of-the-art air conditioner, this is the case. Before you try using your central air conditioning system in your garage, it is critical to insulate the ceiling, door, and walls. This will help lessen the volume of air that needs to be cooled. Another thing you should consider is your indoor air quality.

The Quality Of Your Indoor Air

Connecting the central HVAC system in your home to your garage may seem like a good idea. However, it could result in indoor air quality that is poor. It is crucial that the AC unit has a balanced flow of air. The typical rule for airflow is that for every cfm (cubic foot per minute) that enters, there has to be a cfm that is released. So if the AC unit draws in 1,200 cfm from your house and releases 800 cfm, the extra 400 cfm will have to come from somewhere. It might be drawn in from the gas water heater, under the walls, or the garage.

The gas water heater situation can be fatal. If the water heater is firing and the HVAC system draws air down the flue, the fumes will not rise upwards in the flue. This is called back-drafting and it can cause carbon monoxide to be released in your house. There can be lethal consequences if you breathe the gas into your lungs. Even when there is no back-drafting in the gas water heater, you can also increase the garage pressure while decreasing pressure in the rest of your home. If this happens, all of the air particles that are toxic will be distributed in your house.

The Proper Way To Air Condition Your Garage

mitsubishi heating and cooling system

If you often use your garage and an air conditioner is definitely required, be sure to choose a system that is not connected to a central HVAC unit. It should only be for the garage. The best decision in this situation would be a ductless air conditioning unit or a ductless heat pump. This is a great choice because it conserves energy, it is small, can be easily switched off. Furthermore, you don’t need ducts. Using window units is the other inexpensive choice. That being said, expect more noise and less effectiveness. Most people do not prefer this choice as they cost less initially but come with a slew of issues.

Different Ways To Cool Down Your Garage

Window AC Units

window AC unit

Despite being the least feasible way to air condition your garage, this is the least expensive. This is why many homeowners decide on a window AC unit. If your goal is to reduce the temperature in your garage by simply a few degrees, this option will do the trick. However, if you want your air conditioner to work more efficiently, then this is not the best approach to choose from.

Basically, using a window or wall unit is not the best method of cooling your garage because you will have to make a large hole in the wall of your garage. Cutting the hole will surely look unattractive, especially when you consider that most garage walls occupy the front of the home. However, your biggest concern should be the problem of security. In the case that a robber wanted to enter your home, they could just shove the AC unit out of the hole.

In addition, it is known that window units are noisy and inefficient. They cost a lot to run. Also, it is difficult to track down a technician or to fix the parts if the unit develops an issue. Basically, window units will not give you the results you are looking for.

Advantages Of Window Air Conditioners

Disadvantages Of Window AC Units

Ductless Air Conditioning Units

If you reside in an area that gets weather conditions that are extreme, a ductless AC unit should be your top option when it comes to cooling or heating your garage.

A ductless mini-split AC system is very similar to a central HVAC unit. The smaller size is the only difference. The smaller AC unit has a heat exchanger that you can put on the exterior of your garage. Cold liquid runs along lines in the wall. The cool liquid brings down the temperature of the air found in an output unit that is very small. The lines run across a cut that measures a few inches. You can situate the output unit wherever it is will have the highest efficiency.

Benefits Of A Ductless Air Conditioner

The Disadvantages Of A Ductless AC System


You can transform your garage into a year-round comfortable space to work by having a ductless mini-split unit in it. A high-quality unit is also beneficial because it can offer safety and excellent indoor air quality no matter what season of the year it is. If you would like more information about energy-efficient ductless AC systems, just get in touch with an HVAC contractor that is licensed. Once you have the proper information, you will be better positioned to decide on a suitable AC unit for your house.

Ductless FAQs

How Does A Ductless Air Conditioning System Work?

A ductless AC unit consists of an indoor air handler and an outdoor compressor, connected via cables through a 3-inch hole in the wall. The indoor air handler disperses the conditioned air directly into the zone in which it is installed.

How Hard Or Easy Is It To Install The Ductless System?

A mini-split Ac unit is relatively easy to install. Your ductless heat pump contractor will drill a small 3-inch hole into the wall of your garage and link the indoor air handler and the outdoor compressor. The whole process is fast and uncomplicated. An installer who is skilled can complete it in one day for most applications.

What Other Places Can You Use A Ductless Air Conditioner?

Besides the garage, ductless units can be used in room additions, sheds, offices, and sunrooms. Also, many homeowners use these systems to supplement their existing central HVAC system due to their impressive efficiency.

How Costly Are Ductless Cooling Systems?

The price of buying and installing a ductless air conditioning unit depends on several factors. These include the price of the indoor and outdoor units, the unit’s capacity, the complexity of the installation, and the cost of labor.

Why Are Ductless Air Conditioners So Efficient?

One of the main advantages of installing a ductless cooling system is that you can customize the temperature. This means that, unlike a central HVAC system, you can turn them on or off when you need to. They are also more efficient because they do use ductwork. Experts say that, on average, about 30 percent of energy is lost due to leaks in the ductwork. With a mini-split unit, you will not have these kinds of issues. Also, they come with high SEER and HSPF ratings.

Ductless units are designed so that they keep a constant temperature. This happens when the unit is are running at a low speed, rather than turning off and on continuously. This helps reduce energy use that is connected to cycling.

Can A Ductless Heat Pump Be Used If I Live In A Region With Incredibly Cold Temperatures?

You will discover that HVAC ductless systems manufacturers design heat pumps to work in climates that are cold. These types of pumps are usually called extended capacity pumps. There are varieties that provide excellent performance in temperatures that are low.

What Is The Durability Of A Ductless Air Conditioner?

Typically a ductless AC unit will work for up to 20 years or more. However, this is only the case if it is regularly maintained. With professional assistance, possible problems can be determined and repaired.

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